5 Fastest Runners In World Cricket

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While cricket has generally been a skill-based game over the years, it is starting to change a little bit now and it is now becoming a fitness-based game as well.

Running between the wickets has huge importance in modern day cricket. If you are not a good runner between the wickets, there is a very high probability that the modern day captains and coaches might not prefer you in their squads.

Here are the 5 fastest runners in world cricket at the moment –

#1 Virat Kohli

While Kohli has this ability to find the gaps through the field at any stage of the innings and score boundaries, he is probably the fastest runner between the wickets as well. He takes pride in his running and is always looking to push the fielders in the deep.

If the ground is big, it, at times, gets impossible for the opposition to prevent Kohli from taking twos and threes.

#2 MS Dhoni

The former Indian captain MS Dhoni, although he is not young anymore, can still match any youngster with his running between the wickets. The interesting thing about Dhoni is that he doesn’t even go to the gym a lot, but he is naturally so fit that despite being in his late 30s now, his movements have not slowed down one bit.

#3 AB de Villiers

When we talk about AB de Villiers, the first thing which comes to our mind is his innovative stroke-making. He has got this 360 degree game and is capable of striking the ball clean and long through every corner of the ground.

But, along with his breathtaking stroke-making ability, De Villiers runs really fast between the wickets as well. It’s one of the most important traits of his white ball batting.

#4 Martin Guptill

Martin Guptill is someone who isn’t talked about a lot when we talk about fast runners between the wickets, but he, at times, surprises the fielders with the speed with which he covers the distance of 22 yards.

He is another player who is not very young anymore, but age has had no effects over his agility yet.

#5 Ravindra Jadeja

5 Fastest Runners In World Cricket

Ravindra Jadeja is another Indian batsman who is incredibly swift between the wickets. Jadeja is young and fit and is probably the most agile member of the Indian squad after Kohli. The left hander, who generally bats down the order, always keeps the fielders at the boundary line on their toes.