5 Most Innovative Shots We Have Seen In Cricket

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Cricket at times can flip itself from being a gentleman’s game to the funniest sport you will ever see. This funny aspect of cricket can even come from the most genius brains of the game, who has dared to think out of the box and produce some fine cricketing shots.

We will take a look at 5 of cricket’s weirdest shots ever discovered and the players who were pulling the strings for the same.

1. The Marilier Shot:

Douglas Marilier, one of Zimbabwe’s finest all-rounder was also an innovative genius who discovered the Marilier shot. With the help of this incredible shot, he managed to pull an entire game from India.

This shot is kind of a flick over the shoulders which renders yorkers effeminate.

Termed as “Marillered”, this shot proved too hot to handle for even bowling greats like Zaheer Khan and Glenn McGrath.

2. Dilscoop:

This shot invented by the Sri Lankan opener, Tilakaratne Dilshan, bears striking resembance to the Marilier shot. The only difference for these two identical shots were the angles at which they were executed. Dilscoop is a scoop shot which is struck exactly over your head.

This shot has been one of the most trickiest strikes in cricket that has ever been played. In fact, Dilshan used this as his primary weapon in the opening overs of a powerplay, yielding the maximum number of runs.

3. Switch Hit:

Kevin Pietersen introduced this shot to the world. This shot is an improvised version of the reverse sweep, however, it necessarily doesn’t need to be a sweep shot.

Pietersen has successfully hammered this shot at a few short balls which were targeted to his body.

Mike Hussey was also an adept executioner of this shot, owing to his nimble footwork.

4. Upper Cut:

Known for his ability to produce exquisite timing on the best of deliveries, Tendulkar concocted this shot to deal with bouncers angled away from him.

Elevating himself up with a perfectly placed footwork, Tendulkar used to nick the balls over to the third man boundary and in most of the occassions, managed to sneak out the maximum.

Sehwag later popularized the use of this shot even further which has now been perfected by Rohit Sharma.

5. Helicopter Shot:

This is probably the most difficult shot to play on the list as it needs immense power in the wrists to execute this beast.

Dhoni introduced this shot to the world where he swings his bat in an uncontrolled manner like the chopper of a helicopter that generates intense power and dispatches it out of the park.

Never has it happened that Dhoni connected a helicopter and the ball fell short of a sixer. In fact, Dhoni won India the World Cup with a helicopter shot.