5 Most Noteworthy Statements By Ravi Ashwin From His Latest Interview

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In a recent interview with ESPN Cricinfo, Ravi Ashwin opened up about many things about his professional career. From his rough time when he wanted to retire to how he traps Australia’s star batter, Steve Smith, Ashwin talked about a lot of things in his latest interview.

Here, check out the 5 most noteworthy statements by Ravi Ashwin from his latest interview:

1. Ravi Ashwin Revealed Why He Wanted To Quit Cricket In 2018:

During the interview, Ravi Ashwin revealed how in the year 2018 he had given serious thoughts about calling it quits from the game after the England series. He revealed how three years back he used to feel tired just after bowling six balls. He revealed:

Between 2018 and 2020, I contemplated giving up the sport at various points. I thought, “I have put in a lot of effort, but it is not coming through.” The harder I tried, the farther it felt. Especially with athletic pubalgia and the patellar tendonitis – I used to bowl six balls and then I used to be gasping for breath. And there would be pain all over the place.

He added:

“So you needed to make adjustments. When the knee pain got excruciating, the next ball I would probably jump less. When I jumped less, obviously the force needs to be produced through the core and the back and the shoulders, so the pubalgia would act up. So the third ball I would be extra side-on to try to use the hips. By the time I was done with six balls, I would be like, “I need a break here.”

2. Ashwin Revealed How He Felt Not Backed Enough By The Team:

“I contemplated retirement for a lot of reasons. I felt like people were not sensitive enough to my injuries. I felt like a lot of people were backed, why not me? I have done no less. I have won a lot of games for the team, and I am not feeling backed. I don’t usually look for help, that somebody needs to back me, that somebody needs to cushion me or give me empathy. I felt I was not being able to be excellent and felt I needed a shoulder to lean on. It was not happening. I thought maybe I should try to find something else and be excellent at that.”

He added:

“Just after the England series in 2018, after Southampton, was one phase. Again in Australia later that year where I tore my abdomen after the Adelaide Test, before and after Sydney. Many stages,” said Ashwin.

“The only person I would be talking to was my wife. But my father was hell-bent: you will make a comeback in white-ball cricket, and I will see that before I die. For him it was more personal,” 

5 Most Noteworthy Statements By Ravi Ashwin From His Latest Interview

3. Ravi Ashwin Recalled How He Felt ‘Thrown Under The Bus’ By Shastri:

Ravi Ashwin opened up about how he felt when then-coach Shastri hailed Kuldeep Yadav as India’s ‘No.1 spinner’ overseas after he had taken a five-for in the 2-19 Sydney Test against Australia. He revealed:

I hold Ravi bhai in high esteem. We all do. And I understand we all can say things and then retract them. In that moment, though, I felt crushed. Absolutely crushed,”

He added:

“We all talk about how important it is to enjoy your team-mates’ success. And I was happy for Kuldeep. I have not been able to get a five-for but he has a five-for in Australia. I know how big it is. Even when I have bowled well (at other times), I haven’t ended up with a five-for. So I am genuinely happy for him. And it’s an extremely happy occasion, to win in Australia.

“But if I have to come and partake in his happiness, and the success of the team, I must feel like I belong there. If I feel like I am being thrown under the bus, how am I supposed to get up and come for a party to enjoy the team’s or team-mate’s success?”

4. Ashwin Revealed How He Made Dismissing Steve Smith His Obsession:

When asked about how he prepares himself for bowling against star batters like Steve Smith. Talking about which, Ash revealed how he made Smith his obsession for about six months. He revealed:

I made him my obsession for about six months, not just two weeks or three weeks. Just footage, just watching different matches. The most recent series they played [before India toured Australia in 2020-21] was New Zealand. I went through every single day’s play. I would go on to my app and check – how many runs was [Marnus] Labuschagne batting on when Will Somerville came on to bowl? Which ball did he hit over cow corner?”

He added:

“I think there is a bit of premeditation when it comes to Aussie batsmen. I think in this whole “playing the Aussie way”, they are looking for aggressive options. Obviously, Aussie pitches are very true. So you can get away without getting to the pitch of the ball sometimes, which can be very disconcerting [for the bowler]. As a spinner, you need to be very precise in Australia. Every run you give must be on your own terms.”

5 Most Noteworthy Statements By Ravi Ashwin From His Latest Interview

5. Ashwin Revealed How He Prepares Himself Ahead Of A Series:

Ashwin also gave insights about how he prepares himself ahead of any series. He revealed that there are two aspects of preparations — physical and the other is mental and tactical. He said:

Before getting into any series, I go into a four-week training. In the morning I focus entirely on my mobility and my injury-struck areas. Sling sort of work, fascia sort of work. I get into holding positions. Then two hours later, after breakfast, I go into strength training where I build my big-bang muscles. In the evening, alternate days I run, alternate days, I do skill.”

“Ideal preparation time is six weeks. If you have six weeks, you can get through a four-five Test series just through maintenance. Last two years I have been making sure I get into every series at a certain weight and maintain it.

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