5 Players With Most No. Of Sixes Since Rohit Sharma’s Debut

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Rohit Sharma completed 13 glorious years in international cricket today. While Sharma is himself a great batsman, there have been many such players who have made their mark since his debut. Sharma made his name as an explosive batsman with incredible six-hitting abilities. So today in his honor, let’s take a look at five players with most sixes since Rohit Sharma’s debut.

#1. Rohit Sharma- 423

The ‘Hitman’ enters the list at number 1, hitting an incredible 423 sixes. He has an average of almost 50 in ODI cricket, which is justified by the sheer amount of sixes he has hit in his career. Sharma also holds numerous ‘Most sixes hit’ records, ranging from Test cricket to T20Is. No wonder he tops this elite list.

#2. Chris Gayle- 413

The Universe Boss comes in at number 2, just 10 sixes shy of Rohit Sharma’s total. If you are familiar with his batting style, there will be no surprises if he overtakes the prolific Indian opener in a single match. Gayle is considered as one of the best T20I batsmen in the world. He is also the leading run-scorer in Tests, going past Brian Lara’s record in 2019. While he seems to be on the back-end of his career, Chris Gayle can still do a lot of damage if he gets going.

#3. Brendon McCullum- 342

McCullum is widely regarded as one of the most successful New Zealand batsmen and captains of all time. He retired in 2019, leaving behind a great legacy. McCullum is known for his quick-scoring abilities and took this ability to the longest format of the game. He registered the fastest ever Test century in cricket’s history. He has hit 342 sixes in his international career. The difference between number 2 and 3 is a great reminder of the potential of Rohit Sharma and Gayle. Regardless, McCullum will enjoy retirement, as he probably has no regrets with regard to his performance as a batsman and a skipper.

#4. Martin Guptill- 318

5 Players With Most No. Of Sixes Since Rohit Sharma’s Debut
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From one New Zealander to another, Martin Guptill is one of the best fielders and batsmen that New Zealand has produced. While he was always a solid batsman, he made headlines when he scored an explosive double century in ODI cricket. He has hit 318 sixes in his career. Guptill has the highest ever ODI score in international cricket. His great fielding abilities were on full display in the 2019 World Cup, when he took precious catches and affected crucial run-outs.

#5. Eoin Morgan- 313

Eoin Morgan is England’s World Cup-winning captain, who made his name around the world as a world-class explosive batsman. He has the ability to switch gears at the flip of a switch. The former Irish cricketer is the first batsman to score centuries for two nations. He holds the record for hitting the most number of sixes in an ODI match, hitting 17 sixes against Afghanistan in the 2019 World Cup. He has many years ahead of him at the highest level, and could easily go up in this list as time progresses.