5 Reasons Why Sourav Ganguly Is The Best Man To Coach Team India

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Sourav Ganguly is back in the news and this time he is set to take up the mantle of the new Indian coach. Duncan Fletcher’s outster from the position was a given ever since it was known publicly that he would move on after India’s campaign concluded in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Here we look at five reasons why the Prince of Kolkata is the bestt man to coach Team India:

1. Controlled Aggression: One thing that Ganguly introduced in Indian cricket was the change in attitude in which the game was played. Post Ganguly’s take over as captain the Indian team looked a different unit full of life and they played an aggressive brand of cricket. For the first time in the history of Indian cricket one could see players actually ‘giving it back’ to the opposition if needed be. The controlled aggression needs to make its way back into the Indian team.

2. Perfect mentor to Virat Kohli: Ganguly and Kohli would prove to be the perfect combination given that they are both naturally aggressive and forward thinking individuals. Kohli who is now the Test Captain and probably the next in line to take over from MS Dhoni would in fact mature in the presence of the former India captain. Both as a cricketer and as an individual. Recently Ganguly has also come out in defence of Kohli by asking the media not to intrude in his personal life.

3. Managerial Role: Ganguly would not be the usual run of the mill type of coach who would involve himself in drills or throw high catches. He would introduce the much needed avatar of a manager in the team who would be the boss in forming strategies and assist the captain in making the right decisions. The strategical and ‘mental aspect’ of the game would get an impetus while the batting,bowling and fielding coaches would do their jobs under his guidance.

4. Nurturing youngsters into superstars: Dada is one man the whole of the country should thank when it comes to giving household superstars like Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh,Virender Sehwag,Zaheer Khan,MS Dhoni etc. Ganguly always believed in 8giving new talent an extended rope and honing their talent. He can turn potential into visible results with his own ways of handling newcomers. With the Indian team now looking at giving new players a chance, Ganguly could not have come at a better time.

5. Backing of the Board: The coach cannot function without the backing of the cricket board it serves. With Jagmohan Dalmiya at the helm of affairs in the BCCI, it is just a matter of time till Ganguly becomes the new coach. Indian cricket reached its pinnacle previously when Dada was the captain and Dalmiya the President. It does not look too different now and with the Board backing him and his decisions, for the first time in the history of Indian cricket the coach would be fearless.

Let’s just hope Dadagiri runs in the veins of the Indian team again.

By Ashirbad Hazarika