5 Things That Happened In India’s Dressing Room After The Fourth Test

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1. Suresh Raina Missing

Our sources tell us that Raina was nowhere to be seen in the dressing room. Immediately after he got out in the second innings he took the back door out of the stadium. After the local police was informed about this development Raina was finally found hiding inside the washroom at a gas station nearby. Our sources also tell us that when the police tried to force him out of the cabinet, three ducks tottered out in his defence. On further investigation it was found that they were the scores in his last three innings in test cricket.


2. Mistaken Identity

A man in his fifties reportedly tried to kiss Virat Kohli. He performed this stunt as the Indian captain came into the stands to exchange pleasntaries with his lady love Anushka Sharma. As Kohli pushed him away he was a picture of utter disbelief. After much consoling it was found that the man thought that Virat was in fact blowing those kisses after his centuries to him and not anyone else. He was seated just in front of Anushka in the stands.

3. Fistfight

Duncan Fletcher and Ravi Shastri were exchanging blows with each other after the match. The players had to intervene to separate them from the duel. It was later found that the reason for this fistfight was not India’s poor performance but it was because Shastri ate Fletcher’s pudding during lunch. Fletcher loves his dessert and he could not ‘digest’ the fact that anyone could take away something which was rightfully his.

4. Dhawan and Ishant caught inside Virat’s room at midnight

Just on the eve of the fourth test Shikhar Dhawan and Ishant were found sneaking into Kohli’s room. They were caught in this act from the hidden cameras in the hotel. They were caught handing Kohli a huge amount of cash. Virat was still unhappy with what he received.

5. Dhoni comes out retirement

After Wriddhiman Saha’s poor show in the Tests, MS Dhoni has decided to come out of retirement. Cricket Lounge was the first to be informed about this development.


By Fake Cricket Reporter

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction