5 Times Mayanti Langer Answered Her Trolls Like A Boss

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Mayanti Langer, a famous face in the world of cricket anchoring, has been headlining the news owing to her quirky reply to a fan on Twitter. After being proposed by Fahad Khan, she didn’t find trouble in sidelining the request with an elegant wit.

“When I see you. I dnt mind watching IPL. You are a perfect blend of class & personality. I wish I was influential enough to take you dinner. I don’t have words to say how beautiful you are,”  Fahad Khan tweeted.

Mayanti’s answer was wrapped in a short sentence that read, “Thank you! My husband and I would love to join you ?.”


The 34-year-old has been married to cricketer Stuart Binny and is actively involved in sports reporting for almost 14 years now. One usually recognizes her when she interviews players during the Indian Premier League or when she accompanies the experts before important matches. Her associations with 2010 FIFA, 2015 cricket World Cup and the 2019 World Cup are the highlights of her career.


As a successful female anchor, she has been criticized over her preferences, relations and also physical appearance but Mayanti has taken all of it with a smile and boss like replies on social media. Following are the 5 times Mayanti Binny Langer has slammed her trolls on social media:

1) Take all your sexism home.:

After being heavily criticized for her physical appearance and looks, Mayanti indirectly answered quite many trolls when she erupted in the talk show. While talking to Shibani Dandekar the sports anchor said, “I don’t think it [body shaming] was that significant till last year’s ICC Champions Trophy. So, I got trolled badly for my lungi skirt. It was hilarious because I myself was laughing at the memes. Yes, I became a meme,”

She further added that,“There was an article written about me, about wearing 5-inches heels and wearing skirts and wearing sleeveless and wearing this and why can’t I wear Indian clothes and why can’t I wear pants and suits and I’m like what’s your problem if I want to wear 5-inches heels?”


2) Stuart Binny’s whereabouts:

Remember Stuart Binny’s quick-fire 33 runs of 11 balls against Kings XI Punjab in 2019. Stuart wasn’t doing really well prior to that innings but that match let him celebrate some form.

Mayanti took on to Twitter to remind the trolls about her husband’s whereabouts in a finely fabricated tweet that read, “Sorry that you seemed to have missed #KXIPvRR on @StarSportsIndia you can join us on #MarutiSuzukiCricketLive on SS 1/2/Hindi/HD and of course @hotstartweets Cheers ??. ”


3) WhatsApp display:

This is a continuation of the earlier incident, just like a sequel. After Mayanti’s befitting reply on Stuart Binny’s whereabouts, she was further trolled when Navneet Singh irresponsibly said that the sports anchor had changed her WhatsApp display picture after that match. He also posted an old picture of the couple with the tweer. To this Mayanti replied, “Really Navneet? Considering you don’t have my number you don’t know what the picture actually is ? but thanks a ton for digging out this one, it’s a super pic ??”

4) Unnecessary tagging:

After Indian selectors announced the squad to the 6 match series against South Africa in early 2018, a fan tagged Mayanti Langer in a tweet that heavily criticized Stuart Binny’s performance. Binny had missed on the squad and wasn’t performing well. The troll criticized Mayanti for supporting her husband.

Langer’s reply was simple and to the point. She tweeted, “You do realize that’s not me right? I request you not to tag me. Thanks.” The troller then apologized for his mistake.


5) Relationship with Binny:

It was Stuart Binny’s infamous over against West Indies that ignited many trolls. The bowler had given 5 sixes in that over and 32 runs in total. People all around the country started criticizing him but a few tweets questioned Mayanti Langer of her choice. The couple had been married for 4 years then and people asked Mayanti that “why had she settled for him?”Some asked her to file a divorce. To this, the sports anchor posted a fine image on Twitter and Instagram that openly communicated her feelings. She asked people to be sensitive.