5 Times Virat Kohli Trolled His Fellow Cricketers Online

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[tps_start_button label=”Start slideshow” style=”” class=””]t attitude on and off the field. Virat Kohli’s name never fails to grab the headlines, either because of his performances or because of his funny gimmicks on social media. He is often seen grabbing opportunities to troll his teammates.

Here, we bring you 5 recent instances when Virat Kohli trolled other cricketers on social media. Have a look:

1. When Virat Kohli trolled Harbhajan Singh on his workout video:

Recently, Harbhajan Singh shared a video of himself on his Instagram account with the caption ‘Exercise is a must’. Responding on Bhajji’s video, Virat Kohli took this as an opportunity to troll Harbhajan Singh. Virat wrote:

“Well done Paaji. Building kaamp rahi hai magar thodi thodi.”

(which roughly translates to: “The building is shaking a bit”.)

Here, check out the comment:

5 Times Virat Kohli Trolled His Fellow Cricketers Online

2. Virat Kohli took a dig at Ravindra Jadeja:

During the lockdown, Ravindra Jadeja shared the above picture on his Instagram handle with a light-hearted caption:

“Dekho bhai, meine nai bola hai review lene ko”

(Which roughly translates to: “I didn’t ask you to take the review“).

Here, check out the Instagram post:


Responding to this, Kohli wrote:

“Tujhe toh hamesha out hi lagta hai. Review lene ke baad sab doubts aate hain tujhe

(Which roughly translates to: You always think it is out. But you start having doubts after asking for the review).”

3. Virat Kohli pokes fun at KL Rahul:

India’s new sensational cricketer KL Rahul also became the victim of Virat Kohli’s sense of humor, when he posted a picture of himself drinking a cup of coffee. Sharing the picture, KL Rahul expressed coffee is his favorite drink. Virat Kohli took to the comment section and tried to troll KL Rahul by telling KL Rahul “Cup ganda hai”.

KL Rahul was quick to notice the tweet and come up with a perfect reply to it. In his reply to Virat Kohli, Rahul said: “Lekin dil saaf hai”.

Here, check out the comment:

5 Times Virat Kohli Trolled His Fellow Cricketers Online

4. When Virat Kohli pointed out the difference between Chahal and Pollard:

Yuzvendra Chahal, who is often seen trolling other cricketers, found himself at the receiving end this time. This happened when Chahal posted a picture of himself alongside West Indies’ skipper Kieron Pollard. In the picture, Chahal can be seen posing with a bat. Giving a funny caption to his Instagram post, Yuzvendra Chahal wrote:

10 kilo ka bat, 2.5 kilo ka haath,”

Here, check out the Instagram post of Yuzvendra Chahal:


Kohli pointed towards the skinniness of Yuzvendra Chahal and compared him with Kieron Pollard. He wrote:

 Abey Teri thigh se badi calf hai uski,” (that roughly translates to: “His Thigh is bigger than your calf”).

Here, check out the comment of Virat Kohli:

5 Times Virat Kohli Trolled His Fellow Cricketers Online

5. When Virat trolled Ishant Sharma for acting cool:

Ishant Sharma, the Indian pacer, who shares a great bond with the Indian skipper shared a picture of him on his Instagram account. In the picture, Ishant Sharma can be seen looking super-cool. Sharing the picture with his fans, Ishant Sharma sent out a message of ‘YOLO’ with his caption. He wrote:

you only live once ?

Here, check out the Instagram post of Ishant Sharma:


Virat Kohli stole all the limelight away from Ishant’s Instagram post with his hilarious comment. Trolling Ishant Sharma brutally, Virat Kohli wrote:

@ishant.sharma29 hamein toh pata hi nahi tha. ?

Here, check out the comments: