7 Cricketers Who Played The Highest Number Of Balls In T-20 Cricket

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With the advent of the shortest version of the game, the contest between the bat and the ball has tipped heavily in favour of the batsmen. Haplessly, despite the game being heavily favourable for the batsmen, it has been more of a touch and go for all those batsmen plying their trade in T-20 cricket. Despite being the hot favourites to stand out with the bat, most of the bat-wielders have failed to go down the distance and in the process threw away a brilliant start.
In this article, we will look at seven cricketers who actually did go down the wire for the highest number of times and have played the most number of balls in T-20 cricket. A feat not so easily achieved, however, the names in the list are nothing short of legendary.

  1. Chris Gayle – 9032 balls

One of the best openers of T-20 cricket, Chris Gayle has set a milestone for himself which has made him a standout amongst a bunch of mediocre performers who despite getting off to a flyer, failed to convert it into big ones.
This man has redefined T-20 cricket with his extraordinary hitting capacity and was the one to transcend all boundaries with the brutal power of his wrist. Though in the process, he has also fallen victim several times to even the easiest of deliveries, he still refrains from being defensive. Hs natural attacking flair makes him one of the most feared batsmen in any format of the game. Gayle has played against a staggering 9032 balls in his entire T-20 career.

  1. Shoaib Malik – 7834 balls

7 Cricketers Who Played The Highest Number Of Balls In T-20 Cricket
Malik has been one of Pakistan’s most consistent performers ever since their footfall in T-20 cricket and still continues to proliferate. One of the most versatile batsmen in Pakistani cricketing canon, Shoaib Malik has literally played out in all the positions, ranging from opening to number 7.
Gifted with brute power that helps him to clear the stands without breaking a sweat, Malik has also been one of the oldest cricketers in the current crop of Pakistani players. He has managed to bat a whopping 7834 deliveries in T20 cricket until date.

  1. Brendon Mc Cullum – 7263 balls

7 Cricketers Who Played The Highest Number Of Balls In T-20 Cricket
One of the finest wicket-keeping batsmen of New Zealand who spearheaded a paradigm shift in the Kiwi batting, Baz has faced 7263 deliveries in his long-spanning T-20 career. A man who revolutionized hard-hitting with his wide array of shots, Mc Cullum also led to a change of mentality for the Black Caps. He is the one who hardwired the team with relentless aggression on the pitch and the hunger to win.
The current crop of Kiwi players owes a good deal to the style icon of New Zealand who exemplified T-20 batting with some gigantic shots all around the park and with some delectable shots against the best of deliveries.

  1. Kieron Pollard – 6641 balls

7 Cricketers Who Played The Highest Number Of Balls In T-20 Cricket
The man who taught West Indies how to trade in boundaries in T-20 cricket still remains as one of the most significant appellations in the Caribbean colours. Playing 6641 deliveries in his entire T-20 career, Pollard still remains one of West Indies’ best all-rounders in modern-day cricket.
Barring his cricketing finesse, he is also known for his antics in the field that includes zany celebrations, weird protests and definitely his friendly banter along with teammates and opponents.

  1. Virat Kohli – 6551 balls

7 Cricketers Who Played The Highest Number Of Balls In T-20 Cricket
Up next in this prestigious list of the cricketers who went on to play the highest number of deliveries, Kohli faced a whopping 6551 balls to reach his status quo of greatness. The Indian run-machine simply doesn’t know how to stop and continues to proliferate in every passing game with growing panache.
This man has been an absolute game changer and is touted to be the best possible contender to rattle the records of Sachin Tendulkar.

  1. David Warner – 6482 balls

One of the best Australian openers of all-time succeeding the likes of Gilly and Hayden, his first-class aggression has set fire upon several opponents, leaving them absolutely devastated.
This man has faced 6482 deliveries in a span of the last one decade that has seen him rise from the very scratch only to fall from grace and fall hard and rise again to the pinnacle of all forms of cricket.

  1. Rohit Sharma – 6414 balls

India’s very own hitman also features in this list as he has evolved from being a part-time hitter in the middle to one of the finest openers on the shorter and the shortest formats of the game. Known for his effortless pulls and hooks against the best of deliveries, Sharma has transcended himself to the pedestal of greats in the echelons of Indian cricket.
He has managed to face 6414 deliveries until date in T-20 cricket, barreling through a way of hindrances, to kiss the ace of the shortest format of the game.