7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

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In an era where stump mics can pick up a lot of dialogue between players, there have been times when players have let go off their frustration and had a go at their opponents. Here are 7 of the most abusive cricketers in the modern era:

  1. Ricky Ponting:

One of the most aggressive captains to have ever played the game, Ponting was the leader of an Australian team that sledged their opponents to almost breaking point. Ponting himself would get in on the act at times and abuse the opposition.

Though he was a brilliant player, he has had a go at the English Dressing room during the Ashes as well as multiple bowlers.

  1. Virat Kohli:

7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

Another aggressive captain, Virat Kohli is another player who wears his heart on his sleeve and has not been afraid to let his angry side show. He has been involved in multiple spats, mainly with the Australians and there have been many incidents where Kohli has openly abused.

He has always been one to let his opponents know what he thinks and this has also rubbed off with his teammates. He has a completely different approach to his predecessor, MS Dhoni.

  1. Shane Warne:

7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

Another famous legend who never missed an opportunity to let his frustration show, Warne has openly been recorded grabbing Marlon Samuels’ shirt. On plenty of other occasions, he has given a nice little piece of his mind to his opponents which have resulted in tensions boiling over.

Warne, for all his brilliance as a bowler was never one who lived a normal life out of the pitch and was always mired in controversy throughout his career.

  1. Andre Nel:

7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

South Africa’s fast bowler wasn’t one who ever stood back from a verbal assault and there have been occasions where his mouth has caused major embarrassment. During India’s tour of South Africa, Nel tried to sledge Sreesanth.

He was greeted with a six the very next ball post which Sreesanth performed his now infamous bat waving dance.

5. Andrew Flintoff

 7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

The big English all-rounder was one of the most exciting players to watch during his playing days. Andrew Flintoff aka Freddie gave his 100% every time he stepped one the field. Also, he never backed off from any on-field war of words. He has a great sense of humour and the stump mic caught him many time using the f-word and other swear words against his opponents.

  1. Gautam Gambhir:

7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

If there is one player who embodies the aggressive Delhi spirit on the field, apart from Virat Kohli, it is Gautam Gambhir. Gambhir has been involved in so many different altercations on the field because of his generally aggressive nature.

The most memorable duels have come against Pakistan where Gambhir has squared up against Kamran Akmal and Shahid Afridi on different occasions. He also had a heated argument on-field with Virat Kohli.

  1. Steve Waugh:

7 Most Abusive Cricketers Of The Modern Era

For a nickname like “Iceman”, Steve Waugh was pretty aggressive when it came to abusing on the field. He famously abused the 6’7’’ West Indian giant Curtly Ambrose who was ready to give him a big piece of his mind and probably fists too.

Waugh was known to constantly sledge and also famously quipped that it took until his last game for him to realize that it was “just a game.”