7 Most Hilarious Moments On The Cricket Field

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When you are playing any sport at the professional level, it’s serious business, but sometimes, certain incidents on a cricket field are so funny that the fans, as well as the cricketers, can’t control their laughter. Here are 7 of the most hilarious moments on the cricket field:
#1 Amit Mishra’s run out in IPL:
7 Most Hilarious Moments On The Cricket Field
It was certainly a run-out for the ages because the batsman here did not make any attempt to save himself when he had all the time in the world.
Amit Mishra, who was at the striker’s end, missed the ball and since he was out of the crease, the keeper tried to run him out. The keeper missed the target and the ball reached the bowler. The bowler tried to hit the target as well because Mishra was still out of the crease.
The bowler also missed the target, but Mishra still didn’t get back to the crease. The keeper, in the third attempt, hit the stumps and Mishra was eventually run out in the funniest way possible.
#2 Ravindra Jadeja vs Matthew Wade, 2017:
7 Most Hilarious Moments On The Cricket Field
When Ravindra Jadeja walked in to bat in a Test match against Australia, he said “M******** to the Australian wicket-keeper Matthew Wade. It’s an abusive word in Hindi, but Wade, being an Australian, didn’t know the meaning of it.
So, he asked Jadeja if that word meant “hello”. Jadeja told him to ask someone else. It was an extremely funny conversation that was clearly heard on live Television through a stump microphone.
#3 Azhar Ali’s run out, 2018:
7 Most Hilarious Moments On The Cricket Field
Azhar Ali was batting in a Test match against Australia in UAE in 2018 and was in the middle of a solid partnership with Asad Shafiq, but then he played a ball towards the offside and thought the ball reached the boundary.
Thinking the ball was dead, Azhar started having a conversation with his partner in the middle of the pitch, while the ball had actually stopped before reaching the boundary.
The throw came to the wicket-keeper who took the bails off in the most relaxed manner, catching Azhar Ali in a state of shock. The veteran couldn’t believe what had just happened as he was declared run out by the umpire.
#4 Steve Waugh vs Jamie Siddons:
7 Most Hilarious Moments On The Cricket Field
This was an incident that happened in Australia’s domestic first-class competition, Sheffield Shield. Steve Waugh walked in to bat and he was taking a lot of time before getting ready to face the ball.
The bowler Jamie Siddons was clearly annoyed by that as he told Waugh “For F**** sake mate, it’s not a f****** Test match, to which Waugh replied, “Of course it’s not, you are here.”
#5 Tillakaratne Dilshan vs Pakistan:

Dilshan was keeping wickets in a game against Pakistan and he appealed for a caught behind, but while he was appealing, he forgot that he had thrown the ball up in the air after catching it.
Dilshan was appealing towards the umpire and then all of a sudden, the ball fell straight on his head. Although it was a bit of a blow for Dilshan, the commentators on air saw the funny side of it.
#6 Yasir Shah’s fielding attempt vs South Africa:
7 Most Hilarious Moments On The Cricket Field
In an ODI against South Africa, Yasir Shah put his body on the line to stop the ball from hitting the boundary ropes. Although he failed in his attempt, what was more embarrassing for the leg-spinner was that he lost his pants in the process.
It was shown quite a few times on the Television screen and the spectators in the stadium couldn’t stop laughing.
#7  Javed Miandad vs Kiran More, 1992:

Who can forget this particular incident of the ODI World Cup, 1992? Annoyed by More’s consistent appealing behind the stumps in India vs Pakistan game, Miandad hilariously mocked him by jumping behind the wickets, trying to show everyone how More had been appealing all the while.
That incident is still talked about a lot whenever we remember India vs Pakistan encounters of the past.