A Fan Made A Thread Of Tweets Comparing Yuvraj Singh With Lions

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Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh is one of the greatest cricketers to have played for the Indian cricket team. Yuvraj Singh made his international debut 17 years ago and then there was no turning back, he was born to become the brightest star of the cricket world and he worked hard for it.
A Fan Made A Thread Of Tweets Comparing Yuvraj Singh With Lions
His heroics during the World Cup 2007 and 2011 is still afresh in everyone’s minds. He played a key role in both the world cup win for India. He stole everyone’s hearts by smashing Stuart Board for six-sixes.
His brilliance was seen in 2011’s world cup again where he smashed 362 runs, scalped 15 wickets and was awarded the player of the tournament trophy. However, there was more to it that made his knock special, Yuvraj’s dedication towards the game was seen when he vomited out blood but didn’t stop playing. All he wanted was the World Cup Trophy. From vomiting out blood, chronic coughing to breathing issues,  Yuvraj Singh overcame them all and just like a lion, he fought for the Trophy as his life depended on it.
A Fan Made A Thread Of Tweets Comparing Yuvraj Singh With Lions
Cricketers will come and go, but no one will be like Yuvraj Singh. He is a true hero, a champion and a fighter. His heroics have etched his name in the hearts of every Indian cricket fan.
Recently, while going through Twitter, we stumbled upon a Tweet from a fan of Yuvraj Singh, with the user name ‘avni_foodie’, where she shared a few pictures of Yuvraj Singh, where he can be seen in different expressions and doing different things. However, the best thing about the Tweet was the way the twitter user compared each picture of Yuvraj Singh to a Lion.
In a series of tweets, the Twitter user compared Yuvraj Singh with a lion and won our hearts. The thread was so good that we couldn’t resist ourselves from sharing it with you.
Here, check out the thread: