A Fan Tweeted Reasons How Rohit Sharma Is Sending Virat Kohli To “Margdarshak Mandal”

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Rohit Sharma‘s gesture for Virat Kohli in his 100th Test has been winning hearts on the internet.

Ahead of Sri Lanka’s first innings in Mohali, the Indian players had stepped inside the field. Sharma, however, asked Kohli to step out and come in once again as players lined up to give Kohli a guard of honour on the occasion of his 100th Test match. This has got Rohit praises from all corners for showing immense respect and acknowledgement of Kohli’s Test career.

Ahead of the Mohali Test, Rohit, the new Test captain, had also spoken highly of Kohli’s achievements and his journey till 100 Tests.

However, one Twitter user, with Twitter handle @GabbbarSingh, who is the founder of gingermonkey.in, made a controversial opinion that has got the fans wondering and also throwing back criticism to the user.

The user opined that Sharma, by treating Virat Kohli with immense respect, and such guard of honour, is gradually moving the former captain out into retirement. He made an analogy with ‘Margdarshak mandal’, a move made by the government to separate out the senior and veteran political leaders of its party.

“Rohit Sharma slowly pushing Kohli to marg-darshak mandal. Similar modus operandi. Too many ceremonies and respect,” Gabbbar Singh tweeted.

Ahead of the Mohali Test, India captain Rohit Sharma was gushed in praise for his predecessor as Kohli became only the 12th Indian to earn 100 Test caps.

Speaking in the press conference on the eve of Virat Kohli’s 100th Test, Rohit had said, “It has been [an] absolutely brilliant journey for him. A long one since the time he made his debut and now to go on and play his 100th Tests, it has been a wonderful journey. He has done exceedingly well in this particular format.

Rohit credited Kohli for the changes he had made in India’s Test team over the years, leading them to huge success across the globe. He also had no problem in admitting that he heirs a strong team from Kohli in Test cricket.

“[Kohli] changed so many things in the way the team is moving forward. It has been brilliant to watch that. It has been one hell of a ride for him. It will continue to be in the years to come.

“As a Test team we, at the moment, stand in a very good position if you look at our last five years in Test cricket. The whole credit goes to Virat himself to get us going in this particular format. What he has done with the Test team over the years was brilliant to see. I have to take it honestly from where he has left. The team stands in a very good position,” the new Test skipper added.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli scored 45 runs in his 100th Test.

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