A Journalist Revealed Why Virat Kohli Deserves More Criticism Than Pujara And Rahane

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Virat Kohli faces fire: Starting the day at 276 for the loss of 3 where a 450 plus score looked like a cakewalk, the Indian middle-order once again collapsed like a house of cards. As soon as Rahul was removed, Rahane followed suit and India was skittled out for 364.

The middle-order debacle is now a regular spectacle for Indian fans and they are getting jaded of it. Rahane and Pujara have been consistent flop shows and they have been nowhere close to their erstwhile majestic self.

They have also drawn severe flak for posting incessant failures that really started questioning their credentials as hefty contenders for the Indian middle-order. Sadly, for India, another underlying piece of trouble has been the underperforming Virat Kohli.

You may not exactly like this piece of stat but the Indian captain has been struggling vehemently to find his form. Ever since his last century against an ailing Bangladesh two years earlier, he hasn’t really crossed the magical figures.

He hasn’t been middling the ball properly at all and has been in the midst of some pretty mediocre performances with the task being cut out for others. Despite excellent showdowns from Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant, India is not coming close to the gigantic scores in Test cricket.

We have focused our attention on censuring Rahane and Pujara but Kohli is still lying comfortably under the wraps. Most likely, it is the fans’ adulation for the man that is still protecting him. He has been India’s lowest-scoring middle-order batsman since 2020.

A senior assistant editor, Venkata Krishna B posted this startling piece of stat that would leave the Indians questioning Kohli’s performance now. He quoted, “Kohli has scored the least number of runs for India in Tests since 2020. But he is conveniently left out of the discussion when it comes to middle-order being out of form. Pujara, Kohli and Rahane are struggling. But Pujara and Rahane are the ones under pressure.”

As the sword of Damocles is swinging violently above the necks of Rahane and Pujara, Kohli must be alarmed too because, with the current talent pool that the Indian cricket team is sitting with at its disposal, he may be dropped if he doesn’t start performing.