A Pakistani Journalist Accused IPL Of Fixing Matches And Harsha Bhogle Gave A Brilliant Reply

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The Indian Premier League is one of the most loved tournaments around the world. It has been more than a decade since the league started and it has given us many amazing moments to cherish, however, there were a few sad moments as well when two IPL teams were accused of being involved in fixing the matches and were suspended for two years.
Recently, a Twitter user named Shahid Hashmi took to his twitter and ranted about how South Africa and India were not waiting for the ban on their players Hansie Cronje and Mohammad Azharuddin, or for the two IPL teams or a sealed envelope that made a lot of news for carrying the names of the players who were involved in match-fixing. The Twitter user wrote:
“South Africa not wailing on Hansie Cronje life ban of 2000 nor do India on Azharuddin’s ban or two IPL teams or a sealed envelope with some names… Australia not reminding themselves of Cape Town ball tampering but we Pakistanis digging old graves of fixing to smear our image!”
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The tweet went viral in no time and was soon flooded with reactions. The Indian cricket fans gave it back to him for trying to demean the Indian Premier League. Popular Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle also took to his official twitter handle and gave a brilliant reply to Shahid Hashmi for his tweet.
In his tweet, Harsha explained how people would have made their own conclusions if ‘envelope’ was made public. He wrote:
“Important to know that names in the envelope had only come up from bookie chatter & could not be deemed conclusive. If made public, people would have drawn their own conclusion which, with many names, could have been wrong. But it had to be part of the submission,hence was sealed”
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