A Section Of Muslims Targeted Mohammad Kaif For Supporting PM Modi’s

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While the whole of India got together and answered Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call of clapping for the healthcare workers at 5 PM yesterday, it didn’t go well with some of the Islamic extremists.

Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation a couple of days ago, had asked the countrymen to express their gratitude towards people who have been fighting the COVID–19 pandemic without fearing for their own well-being.

The former Indian batsman Mohammed Kaif also uploaded a video of him clapping in his balcony along with his family and thanked all the doctors, nurses and other staff working outside while most of the country is staying home.

But, the Islamists immediately got into his mentions and started instructing him what he should do to get rid of the pandemic, rather than clapping.

One of the Islamists was of the view that rather than clapping, Kaif should focus on Namaz as Namaz would help the world come out of the pandemic. Clapping was irrelevant.

While the other Islamist thought that clapping was something that the “beggars” do and Kaif, being a reputed international cricketer, shouldn’t have done that.


A user even asked Kaif if the ladies of his family hadn’t taught him anything about Islam. Kaif, however, didn’t respond to any of the comments made by the extremists.

Kaif was representing India legends in the road safety world series earlier this month when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in India.

As the no. of cases started rising, the World Series, in which a number of veteran cricketers from different countries were taking part, was called off.

The World Series is, however, supposed to be going to be rescheduled at some point again, but given the situation at the moment, it doesn’t seem the new schedule will be out anytime soon.

A Section Of Muslims Targeted Mohammad Kaif For Supporting PM Modi’s

The hate continued on Instagram, too:

A Section Of Muslims Targeted Mohammad Kaif For Supporting PM Modi’s