Aakash Chopra Trolled Famous Journalist Sudhir Chaudhary On Twitter

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The violent clash between India and China has led to a widespread state of tension around the country. Recently, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took to his social media and targetted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the tensions between the two countries. Rahul shared an article of international daily titled ‘India’s appeasement policy toward China unravels’. Sharing the article, Raga wrote:

“Narendra Modi is actually Surender Modi”

Rahul Gandhi being Rahul Gandhi was trolled badly for misspelling ‘surrender’ as ‘surender’ in his tweet. Among many, popular journalist and news anchor, Sudhir Chaudhary also took to his twitter and tried to troll Rahul Gandhi by giving him a class. He wrote:

“Rahul Gandhi tweets again.
1. Spelling of ‘surrender’ is wrong.
2. Opposition leaders should rise above petty politics. At least during this time of crisis.
3. Such tweets help China and weaken India’s position.
World will laugh at us. We should stand united.”

Here, check out the tweet:

The tweet soon went viral and was flooded with reactions from Twitterati on this. The tweet also caught the attention of the popular cricketer turned commentator, Aakash Chopra, who took a dig at Sudhir Chaudhary for his senseless tweet.

In his tweet, Aakash Chopra made Sudhir Chaudhary remember his DNA episode, where he had explained why China’s soldiers would be ineffective in war. Sudhir had stated that the Chinese wouldn’t dare to lock with the Indian army, citing how they are the only children to their parents. He had said:

“China will lose any war with India because their soldiers are their parents’ only children”

Mocking Sudhir Chaudhary, Aakash Chopra took a dig at him and even borrowed a dialogue from internet sensation Saloni Gaur, alternately known by her comic name Nazma Aapi. Aakash wrote:

“Don’t bother, Sudhir…I saw your show that proved how Chinese army doesn’t stand a chance against India. How they’re forced to be in the army..one-child policy makes them emotionally vulnerable etc. As @salonayyy says..aap popcorn khao, Bella Ciao. Jai Hind. @sudhirchaudhary”

Here, check out the tweet: