AB de Villiers Took Sadhguru’s Advice And Shared A Video On Twitter

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Former South African batsman, AB de Villiers has done immensely for his country during his playing days. De Villiers who is undoubtedly the most loved overseas player in India, recently sought advice upon Indian yogi and author Sadhguru about fixing South Africa’s rough past. South Africa has been a country that has witnessed some cruel and tragic times in the past, just like India.

Be it the unfortunate Apartheid rule that was based on racial discrimination or any other moment that led to social conflicts, South Africa has had a fair share of its pain in their rough past. Addressing a similar issue, AB de Villiers asked Sadhguru on what could be the solution to fix this rough past in such a vibrant nation.

AB de Villiers Took Sadhguru’s Advice And Shared A Video On Twitter

Past can’t be fixed, says Sadhguru

Talking about the country, Sadhguru, mentioned that the Rainbow nation has suffered a lot in the last 200 years of its history. However, he also believed that there’s no way the past can be fixed. In no way, he wants the people to forget their past but keep instead keep it alive in their hearts in order to not fall for the trap in the future.

“What we call as past, does not exist so we cannot fix it. It does not exist in the world, so we cannot fix it, but it exists in our minds and hearts. The painful history that many nations have seen including India has seen, it is not alive. But we have kept it alive in our minds and our hearts, we should definitely not forget, because if we forget we may drive ourselves in the same pit.”

People of South Africa can fix the future

While answering to AB de Villiers’ concern, Sadhguru clearly stated the need for fixing the future. He was of the opinion that regards the sacrifices of people like Steve Biko or Nelson Mandela to not go waste. He even mentioned about what the people of South Africa can do in order to make their future beautiful and free of any tyranny and pain.

AB de Villiers Took Sadhguru’s Advice And Shared A Video On Twitter

Sadhguru stressed the need for making the right choices for the people of his country. “It is very important that you must understand that there’s only one choice. Whatever the nature of our experience, good, bad or ugly, will we turn it into wisdom or make a wound out of it. If you make wisdom out of it, we can fix the future.”

“Please do not try to fix the past, fixing the past means manipulation. Rewriting history and saying everything was fantastic, no it was not fantastic, it was horrendous. But we can fix the future. To fix the future, there’s no magic wand. We must plan, prepare and participate, in what we call nationhood.

He concluded by hoping the best for South Africa, “Let’s create a great future for the wonderful country that South Africa is.”

Sadhguru will be attending an event in South Africa in April 2020. The Isha Foundation spiritual head will be hosting ‘An Evening with the Mystic’ where South Africans can interact with Sadhguru.

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