Ahmad Shehzad Takes A Dig At Wing Commander Abhinandan On Twitter

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International cricket has once again started in Pakistan with the Sri Lankan cricket team touring the terror-ravaged country and this was one of the best moments for Pakistan in the previous year. The Pakistan Cricket Board finally managed to ring back the limited-overs and Test format of the game back to the nation.

Now they are trying their best to convince Bangladesh’s cricket team to play in Pakistan, in order to continue scenario. PCB is leaving no stone unturned and is working over several options to convince Bangladesh’s cricket team to play a two-test match series against Pakistan.

Amidst all the proposals from the Pakistan Cricket Board, their discarded-opening batsman Ahmad Shehzad has urged Bangladesh’s cricket team to visit their “safe” country Pakistan. Talking about the ‘security’ and ‘hospitality’ of the country, Ahmad Shehzad said:

For me, Pakistan is a safe country. Our forces are doing whatever it takes to ensure that international cricket comes back home, providing presidential-level security to the players,”

He said:

 “Sri Lanka just came and the tour was really successful. It is totally Bangladesh cricket’s decision, whatever they feel, they should do it. But if you ask me personally, I would have really enjoyed going to Pakistan, enjoy the beautiful wickets, the hospitality and food there. So for me, it is a perfect place for going and playing cricket.”

Recently, in a tweet as well, Ahmad Shehzad talked about the hospitality of his country. However, while doing so, he took a dig at India by saying “their tea is fantastic”.

Well, if you are living under the rock, the statement came in regard to the Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who was held captive by the Pakistan’s army for 60 hours last year. Taking a dig at the situation, Ahmad Shehzad wrote:

Wonderful pitches…
& our tea is fantastic ?”

Here, check out his Tweet: