Akash Ambani Revealed The Biggest Steal For Mumbai Indians In The History Of IPL

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Over the years, the auctions of Indian Premiere League has never failed to leave the fans surprised by springing up eye-popping surprises.The auctions have always proved the fact that it takes a moment to change the course of your life and over all these years we have seen cricketers’ fortunes changing with the blink of an eye.

While relatively unknown cricketers are being picked up at whopping amounts, many international and popular cricketers are left unsold this season, this year the IPL auction left everyone stunned.


The world cup hero, Yuvraj Singh, who has been one of the most expensive buys of IPL for many seasons, went unsold in the first round of the auction. Yes, and this came out as a major shock to the fans. However, he was later picked up by the Mumbai Indians for his base price.

Well, Yuvraj Singh was released by Kings XI Punjab this year, after the cricketer couldn’t live up to the expectations in IPL 2018 and had a base price set to Rs.1 crore. Yuvraj Singh was once bought for as the most expensive player by Royal Challengers Bangalore at the price of  INR 14.5 crore and then he went on to make a record  when he was picked at Rs 16 crore by the Delhi franchise in 2016.


However, this time he was bought only for INR 1 crore by the Mumbai Indians. The owner of Mumbai Indians, Akash Ambani expressed that at one crore, he is the biggest steal by far.  Talking about Yuvraj Singh, Akash Ambani said :

“To be honest, we had budgeted a lot more for Yuvraj and Malinga. At Rs one crore, a player like Yuvraj is probably a (biggest) steal of 12 (sic) years. He has won every trophy there is to be won,”

He added :

“We focussed on experience a lot as well on the youngsters. We have identified specific roles for both of them (Yuvraj and Malinga).”

Here, have a look at the video of Akash Ambani talking about Yuvraj Singh :


Well, we completely agree and really wish that Yuvraj makes a brilliant comeback this time.

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