Angry Virat Kohli Reacts To The Racial Abuses Faced By Team India

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The Indian skipper Virat Kohli has finally addressed the racial abuse faced by the Indian cricket team, especially, Mohammed Siraj on day 4 of the ongoing Third Test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The BCCI lodged an official complaint towards the drunk supporters who hurled racial abuse towards Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah when they were heading towards the dugout at the end of Day 3.

Even on Sunday, during the game, six spectators were escorted from the SCG, and play was stopped for nearly 10 minutes after Mohammed Siraj complained of another instance of racial abuse from fans. Police were quick to escort the six spectators from their seats after the game was stopped by Siraj. As per the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, the 6 men are being interviewed by the police on the ground.

The incident has angered fans, experts, and cricketers around the world. Several cricketers have come out and addressed the incident.

On Sunday, the Indian skipper Virat Kohli also took to his Twitter and criticized the incident that took place at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The modern-day legend called the incident ‘unacceptable’ and urged the authorities to take some strict actions against the perpetrators.

Virat Kohli also talked about revealed that he had gone through many suck incidents where ‘pathetic things’ have been hurled at him on the boundary line. He wrote:

“Racial abuse is absolutely unacceptable. Having gone through many incidents of really pathetic things said on the boundary Iines, this is the absolute peak of rowdy behavior. It’s sad to see this happen on the field,”

He added:

“The incident needs to be looked at with absolute urgency and seriousness and strict action against the offenders should set things straight for once,”

Here, check out the tweet: