Bangladeshi U19 Cricketers Misbehaved With Team India After Winning The Final

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The defending champions — Men in Blue failed to defend the opposition to get their hands to the trophy. In a historic moment, Bangladesh’s cricket team won the World Cup tournament by defeating the Indian cricket team by 3 wickets (and with 23 balls remaining). Though Bangladesh’s cricket team won the World Cup but they failed to win the hearts of the fans.
Cricket is called a gentlemen’s game for a reason. No matter what, irrespective of the results we have always seen teammates behaving cordially with each other and this is what true sportsmanship is like.
However, seems like Bangladesh’s U19 cricket team were new to this concept as they misbehaved with the Indian cricket team after winning the World Cup.

There were many intense moments that happened during the matches, involving sledging and the exchange of slurs from both sides. However, Bangladesh’s cricket team crossed the line after they won the World Cup.
Sure it must have been an emotional time for the team to have won the World Cup but it was sad and heartbreaking to see the ugly scenes at the end of the match with players from Bangladesh’s cricket team pushing and shoving the Indian cricketers present at the ground.
The misbehavior was caught in the camera and as soon as it was clear that the cricketers were misbehaving the camera shifted its focus to somewhere else. However, the sharp eyes of Indian cricket fans have caught the moment and are not letting it go this easily.
The video of the same has been making rounds on social media, leaving the fans in anger.
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