Complete List Of Brands Endorsed By Hardik Pandya

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The new year has begun in the best possible way for India and new skipper Hardik Pandya, winning a nail-biting encounter on the last ball against Sri Lanka. This is another feather in the cap of the all-rounder, who has fully matured from a reckless youngster to a full-blooded and completely transformed leader. His level head in tough situations and the manner in which he conducts himself on the pitch has grown leaps and bounds from the first time that he made his debut for the national side. Apart from his on-field exploits, his image off the pitch has also changed drastically. A complete family man, he has constantly been the face for various brands to endorse their products, increasing his marketability with every passing day.

Complete List Of Brands Endorsed By Hardik Pandya


Let us now take a look at the list of brands that Hardik Pandya is currently endorsing


1. The Souled Store


Hardik has been the face of the Souled Store, a clothing brand that was founded in 2013. The brand has a wide footprint, collaborating with some of the biggest movie brands, sitcoms and sporting events. And to cater to the younger generation, they managed to rope in Pandya to connect with the age group


2. Dream 11


Hardik is one of many Indian cricketers who has been a prominent feature in the ads promoting the fantasy app. Dream 11 has now become the leading fantasy app for a wide range of sports ranging from cricket to football, basketball, kabbadi and much more. 


3. BoAt


The lifestyle brand has been growing at such a great rate that it has now become the unicorn in its market, putting away all its competitors aside. And in tying up Hardik Pandya to endorse them, they have only gone ahead and strengthened their grip over the lifestyle sector of the market.


4. Monster energy


Pandya is also the brand ambassador for monster energy, one of the leading energy drink brands not only in India, but on a global level. By getting Hardik on board, the brand believes that they can have a much better share of the Indian market compared to the one they have at present.


5. Villain life perfumes

In his latest association with new brands, Pandya has teamed up with Villain life, to promote their new brand of fragrances and perfumes. Villain life believes that Pandya’s reputation as a youth icon will make sure that they have a very fruitful partnership.