Danielle Hyatt Revealed Why She Wants To Play For RCB In The IPL

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England Cricketer Danielle Wyatt is one of the most popular women cricketers. Plying her trade for England cricket team, Danielle Wyatt has scored two T20 international centuries in 109 and 1 century in 74 ODI games. She has won the hearts of everyone and has become everyone’s favorite because of her impeccable game and her social media antics. She is often seen interacting and indulging with hilarious banters with several cricketers from around the world.

Just like millions of fans around the world, Danielle Wyatt is also a big fan of the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, and has been in the news in the past for her admiration towards him. So, recently, when Danielle was asked to pick an Indian Premier League franchise that she would like to play for, she gave a predictable answer.

Recently, Danielle Wyatt was quoted in cricket.com, where she said that she would like to support Royal Challengers Bangalore and explained the reason behind that. She said:

“I don’t mind any team, really. But I support Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) because they have/had Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Moeen Ali, Yuzvendra Chahal and AB de Villiers. So, RCB would be cool, I’d like to play for them,”

Besides this, Danielle Wyatt and Yuzvendra Chahal are often seen pulling each other’s legs on social media. But when Danielle was asked if she personally knows Yuzvendra, Wyatt said she has never met him. She said:

‘I have never met Chahal. We follow each other on Instagram and have some good friendly banter towards each other. He is a fantastic bowler and he is absolutely funny on social media too.’

Danielle Wyatt also recalled her first meeting with the Tendulkars at Lord’s Cricket ground 10-11 years ago. She revealed:

“So, I first met Sachin and Arjun at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Maybe 2009 or 2010 when I was with MCC young cricketers and they were training in the nets. Literally I went to the nets and said hello and introduced myself saying I am Danni etc.”

She added:

“Arjun would have been 10 years old back then, he was so small. There is a photo somewhere on Google. I bowled to him that day, he was very good. Since then whenever I bump into Sachin or Arjun or whenever they come to Lord’s to train, I go to the nets and ask him (Arjun) to bowl the new ball to me.”