Deepti Sharma Finally Opened Up About The Controversial Run-Out

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Deepti Sharma Finally Opened Up About The Controversial Run-Out
The third and final ODI match ended up on a controversial note with Deepti Sharma controversially ‘Mankading’ a set Charlie Dean for the hosts’ 10th wicket to seal the match.
With ENG-W needing 17 runs to win after their last-wicket pair of Dean and Freya Davies had put on 35 crucial runs, Deepti Sharma shattered all the hopes of England. She stopped in her bowling stride and upon noticing that Dean was outside her crease, whipped the bails off.

A Full-Fledged ‘Spirit of Cricket’ Debate
While her street smartness worked wonders for the Indian cricket team, however, it has started a full-fledged ‘Spirit of Cricket’ debate on social media, with several cricketers and experts from India taking a stand for the all-rounder and some against her.

Deepti Sharma On The Controversial Run-Out
“It was historic for sure. For the first time, we defeated England in their own country and won the series 3-0. That was our plan because she was repeatedly doing it and we had warned them too. We had also informed the umpires. But still she was right there so there wasn’t much we could do. We did everything according to the rules and guidelines,”