Dejected James Anderson Called Jasprit Bumrah A Cheat

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The second Test match of the ongoing 5-match Test series between England and India at the iconic Lord’s Stadium will be remembered for several reasons. From thrill to lots of drama, the second Test match had everything that is needed for a power-packed entertainer. The verbal banter between Jasprit Bumrah and James Anderson turned out to be one of the most discussed topics from the just-concluded match.

The incident took place on Day 3 when Indian cricketers were trying to pick the wickets of England in their first innings. Jasprit took 15 minutes to complete the last over, where he delivered 10 balls to Anderson. During that 10-ball over to Anderson, Bumrah overstepped four times.

In fact, in that over, Jasprit bowled a few short pitch deliveries to the veteran pacer, which didn’t go down well with England’s star pacer. Anderson didn’t take it nicely and started a verbal war with Bumrah.

Dejected James Anderson Called Jasprit Bumrah A Cheat

However, the drama didn’t stop there as the next day four and five other individuals from both the teams got against Bumrah to take revenge. But this backfired badly on the England cricket team as Bumrah along with his batting partner Mohammed Shami played the best innings of their lives and added some game-changing runs.

Meanwhile, recently, in a Youtube video of Ravichandran Ashwin’s channel, India’s fielding coach R Sridhar finally revealed what happened between Anderson and Bumrah in the middle. A few screenshots of Ashwin’s video were uploaded by a Twitter user with subtitles.

In the video, Sridhar revealed that Anderson called Bumrah’s act ‘cheating’ as he bowled at a speed of 80 or 85 mph to others but to him, he bowled at 90 mph. He revealed:

‘The beauty about that it, looks like Jimmy had told Boom, “All these while, you were bowling in the 80 MPHs, suddenly on seeing me, why are you bowling in the 90 MPHs?”‘

so, after the innings, the boys were walking back to the dressing room. Then, Bumrah walked past Jimmy and just patted at him, so as to tell him that it wasn’t intentional”

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He also revealed how Bumrah had only gone to clear the matter, however, Jimmy brushed him aside. He said:

“We all know Bumrah. He is such a nice guy. So he had gone to talk to him and end the matter, but Jimmy brushed him aside”

Brushing him aside, he has told him, “You bowl only 85 MPH to the other batters, you are bowling 90 MPH to me. This is cheating. I won’t accept”‘