What Is The Difference Between Virat Kohli And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Annual Income?

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They are two of the elite players in their respective games. One is on the ascendency to become an all-time great (if he isn’t already) and the other is the greatest player to have represented his country and surely one of the greatest to have graced the football pitch. The two are also international icons with dedicated fan bases who generate a lot of money for them.

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Virat Kohli’s steady rise:

Starting with Virat Kohli. Kohli shot to fame post the Under-19 World Cup, captaining his squad to a hard-fought victory where he marshalled his troops superbly.

Kohli, then went on to establish himself as a fantastic limited overs player who was breaking records at whim and then a Test player who was showing his class and skill in the toughest of conditions. Kohli also went through a drastic weight loss and grew a beard that suddenly made him a sex symbol in the country.

With such an inspirational fitness journey, strong work ethic and a surety for success on the field, Kohli’s brand name also grew to the point where in 2016, he signed the biggest deal for an Indian sportsman, shifting to Puma as his apparel partner in a deal that bagged him close to 100-110 Crores.

This was followed with a renewal of his MRF sponsorship worth another 100 crores. All this does not even include all his match fees, performance perks, annual contract and other endorsement deals.

What Is The Difference Between Virat Kohli And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Annual Income?

Put all that together, and Kohli is worth anywhere between $95 million to $120 million – One of the highest in the country. And well deserved.

Ronaldo’s explosive rise:

Cristiano Ronaldo was one player who changed the way the game viewed football and he is still doing it on a day-to-day basis. The Portuguese has already carved his legacy as one of the greatest, if not the greatest to have played the game.

Ronaldo rose to prominence during his time at English club, Manchester United, scoring at will and becoming the best player in the world at the age of just 23. He then moved to Real Madrid in what was then a record-breaking move, $80 Million and has seen his value increase with each passing day. He is a monster on the field and his manager, Jorge Mendes has done more than a commendable job in making him the most athlete in the world at the moment.

The Portuguese captain has won everything there is to win in club football and also has a European trophy to boot. On top of that, he has won the individual honour 4 times and is on course to equal the record of 5. At 32, he is still hitting the highest numbers for his team and in Europe, making him a player of supreme importance and a brand of unsurmountable potential.

What Is The Difference Between Virat Kohli And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Annual Income?

He signed a lifetime deal with apparel brand Nike that will mint him $1 billion. Though that number will take time to arrive at, his current deals make him easily worth anywhere between $400 to $500 million.

Ronaldo is the most followed athlete on social media and is a very fit, good looking man. He still produces magic at the highest level and his earnings are justified.

The two players are marketing powerhouses in their own right and because cricket isn’t as widely followed as football, the earnings are not the same. What is important is that they have shown how consistency can help you reach the top at any level, sport or money.

By Rohit Nair