ESPN Cricinfo’s Editor In Chief Wrote A Beautiful Tweet For Virat Kohli

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The Indian skipper Virat Kohli and head coach Ravi Shastri are getting badly trolled on social media for their decisions off-lately. Ever since the ongoing Test series against England began, Virat has failed to impress his fans and experts with his decision-making abilities – right from DRS to team selection.

Since the opening Test match, one thing that has remained constant with the Virat-led team India is that they have gone with six batters (including the wicket-keeper), one spinner, and four pacers in all the games. However, after registering a humiliating defeat at Headingley in the 3rd Test match, it was expected that Ravi Ashwin will be included in the squad for the 4th Test match.

ESPN Cricinfo’s Editor In Chief Wrote A Beautiful Tweet For Virat Kohli

Ravi Ashwin, who is the World No 2 bowler was heavily backed by the fans, experts, and cricketers for the fourth Test match at the Oval, which is believed to be a traditionally good batting surface. However, Ashwin was once again left out of the squad. Kohli reasoned that left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja is as good an option against 4 left-handers in the English line-up.

As expected, the fans were left disappointed with Virat Kohli’s decision of excluding Ravichandran Ashwin from the playing XI. Fans and experts are slamming Kohli left, right, and center for his decision.

Here, check out how he is getting trolled:

While he is getting badly trolled for his decisions, there are many who have come out in support of him. Among many, ESPN Cricinfo’s editor-in-chief came up with a beautiful tweet for Virat Kohli, where he expressed how Virat is fully committed to his convictions when almost everyone is against his decisions. He wrote:

“This you got the give to Kohli: he is fully committed to his convictions even though almost the entire cricket world thinks his selections makes little sense”

Here, check out the Tweet: