Stuart Broad

Find Out Why Stuart Broad Never Played In The IPL

One of the best bowlers in English cricket history is Stuart Broad. He has more than 500 international wickets across all formats, and he has been an instrumental part of many of England’s legendary triumphs. Nevertheless, things haven’t exactly gone as planned during his IPL career. This article will examine Stuart Broad’s IPL career in further detail, as well as his brief time with Kings XI Punjab and the reasons behind his limited IPL participation.

Stuart Broad IPL Career: A Slow Start

In 2008’s inaugural IPL season, the Kolkata Knight Riders initially acquired Stuart Broad. But, because of England’s hectic international schedule, he was never given the opportunity to participate in the competition. He didn’t get the chance to play in the IPL until Kings XI Punjab acquired him in 2011 for a staggering $1.84 crore. Due to a calf injury, he was only able to play in nine matches during his rookie season, taking eight wickets at an average of 27.25.

Broad was retained by Kings XI Punjab for 2.1 crore the following season, however he once again missed the entire campaign due to injury. Since that time, Broad has not been selected by any IPL teams and has not participated in a single game.

Why Hasn’t Stuart Broad Played in the IPL?

Stuart Broad hasn’t played much in the IPL for a number of reasons. His hectic foreign itinerary is one of the primary causes. During the IPL season, Broad frequently represents his nation while playing for the England cricket team. Injury rates are high in the IPL because of how intense it is. Injuries have plagued Broad throughout his career, which has contributed to his minimal IPL appearances.

The characteristics of the IPL auction are another factor. Due to the fierce competition and unpredictability of the IPL auction, many talented players get passed over by teams. In Broad’s case, his hefty base price might have served as a turnoff for teams trying to stretch their budgets and assemble a well-rounded club. Clubs sometimes seek out players who can play various positions, such all-rounders or bowlers who specialise in T20 matches, thus Broad’s lack of T20 experience might have been to his detriment.

Stuart Broad’s T20 Record

Stuart Broad has a respectable T20 record despite not having played much in the IPL. In 121 T20 games, he has 157 wickets at an economy rate of 7.86 and an average of 25.20. In T20s, he has amassed over 700 runs at a strike rate of 136.99. It’s strange that Broad hasn’t played more in the IPL given his T20 performance record, which demonstrates his superior ability to perform in the game’s shortest format.

What Could Have Been?

It’s impossible to avoid imagining what would have happened if Stuart Broad had been granted more IPL playing time. Broad might have been an asset to any squad because to his height, speed, and ball-swinging skill. As shown by his performances in the Ashes and World Cup matches, he also performs well under pressure. He may have improved his abilities and grown into an even more fearsome bowler if he had been able to participate in the IPL.


Although Stuart Broad’s IPL career may not have taken off as anticipated, his overall success as a bowler is unaffected. He continues to be among the best bowlers in English cricket history and was a key factor in several of England’s most illustrious victories. Even though he didn’t play much in the IPL, his T20 record demonstrates that he is more than capable of succeeding in the game’s shortest format.