Harbhajan Singh Shared A Heartfelt Post After Facing Criticism Over Instagram Post

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Veteran Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh was trending on social media today however for all the wrong reasons. He came under the scanner of fans on social media after he glorified Khalistani leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on his death anniversary on Sunday.

On Sunday, Harbhajan Singh took to his social media and hailed him as a ‘martyr’ and offered him ‘pranam’ in an Instagram story.

In his Instagram story, he shared a poster that says “Live with pride, die for the religion.” Sharing the poster, Harbhajan Singh paid tribute to the leader on the 37th anniversary of Operation Blue Star. The poster features Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale at the center wearing a blue turban.

Here, check out the story:

The post didn’t go down well with the fans on social media, who started trolling him left, right, and center. Harbhajan faced a lot of flak over his post for the Khalistani terrorist however, he has now clarified his stance on the matter.

The veteran took to his Twitter and shared a long post seeking an apology from the fans. In his heartfelt note, the cricketer revealed that the poster was a WhatsApp forward and he doesn’t support anything that is anti-India or against his countrymen. He wrote:

I just wish to clarify and apologise for an Instagram post yesterday. It was a WhatsApp forward that I posted in haste without even realising the content used and what it signified or stood for. That was my mistake I accept, and no stage do I subscribe to the views on that post or support the people who’s pictures were carried. I am a Sikh who will fight for India and not against India. This is my unconditional apology for hurting the sentiments of my nation in fact any anti-national group against my people I do not support and never will,” 

He added:

I have given my blood and sweat for this country for 20 years and will never ever support anything that is anti-India,”

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