Here’s How Ravi Shastri Solved The Fight Between Kohli And Rohit

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Here’s How Ravi Shastri Solved The Fight Between Kohli And Rohit: The Indian skipper Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma are two of the most talented batsmen around the world right now. Both the cricketers are ruling the cricket world for many years. However, there has always been this never-ending ‘Virat vs Rohit’ debate going on among the fans and cricket fraternity.

Also, the conspiracy theories of alleged issues between both the cricketers have been making rounds for a long time now. There were reports and signs that both the cricketers don’t get along with each other as well. However, just-concluded England’s tour seems to have produced a turnaround in that story.


Well, as per a report by the Times of India, both the senior cricketers sat across the table to discuss their issues and resolve things between them. It was Indian head coach Ravi Shastri, who helped the team to put all those differences to an end, once and for all.

It was also reported that the bio-bubble has helped the players an opportunity to strengthen their bond and grow the intra-team relationships stronger. The bio-bubble has helped Kohli and Rohit to sort their differences and had yielded great results. A source was quoted as saying by TOI:

“Apart from winning two big series, that’s been the biggest gain inside the Team India dressing room. A great deal of personal bonding has happened in recent weeks and they’re more in sync now than ever with regards to their cricket, the team, their responsibilities and the upcoming challenges. They understand now, more than ever, that the team will only benefit if they find themselves on the same page. This has been the biggest takeaway in the last four months,”

The source added:

“All the chatter from the outside was causing too much bitterness and all the hearsay was making things worse. It’s been the story of Indian cricket for far too long – of vested interests time and again taking advantage of rivalries between players. Like all professionals, Virat and Rohit too would have their disagreements from time to time. But until recently, they never thought of sitting down and talking it out with the kind of clarity that is now visible,” 

Here’s How Ravi Shastri Solved The Fight Between Kohli And Rohit

Both, Rohit and Virat have made constant efforts to put the gossip theories to an end. From their on-field comradeship to tactical discussions, team pictures, or in another manner, both the cricketers decided to spend a lot of time with each other on and off the camera, as per the sources.

“They’ve spent a lot of time talking to each other in public, like during the post-match presentation at the end of the T20 series. They’ve been appearing in photographs together a lot more than in the past. During the One-day series, Virat made it a point to keep his discussions on with Rohit constantly during the game. These things would happen earlier too, but this one time they’ve decided to make it more visible for outsiders to know that all this chatter now needs to stop,”

Meanwhile, both Virat and Rohit will be seen locking their horns with each other in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League, where they will be seen leading their teams Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians.