Here’s How Virender Sehwag Bribed Pakistani Umpire And Saved His Wicket

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Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag has to be one of the most explosive batters to have ever played the game of cricket. Sehwag was known for his aggressive gameplay, irrespective of the format, and also for his flamboyant attitude on and off the field.

Initially, considering his aggressive batting style, people felt that Viru was more suited for the limited-overs format and he would never succeed in the Test format. However, he proved every critic wrong and emerged out as one of the most successful Test openers of all time. Viru brought stability to the Indian batting line-up.

In his glorious career, Virender Sehwag was a part of many memorable moments of the Indian side. But apart from his incredible batting skills, Sehwag was known for influencing the match officials either by sweet talks or any other means. In fact, Sehwag once bribed a former Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf and convinced him to rule in his favor. Yes, you read that right.

In an interview, Virender Sehwag had revealed that he gifted some branded shoes, glasses, and t-shirts and had convinced Sehwag to not raise his finger against him and he obliged during the 2008 Test match in Mohali.

Here’s How Virender Sehwag Bribed Pakistani Umpire And Saved His Wicket

Sehwag revealed that he was batting somewhere in the 80s when he edged a short-pitch delivery from Mitchell Johnson but the former Pakistani umpire didn’t move his finger. Notably, there was no provision of a Decision Review System (DRS) at the moment. He had revealed:

“Asad Rauf was very fond of collecting things. He loved wearing branded glasses, t-shirts, shoes among other things. I was the brand ambassador of Adidas at the time, so I gifted him shoes, t-shirts, and glasses and I jokingly told him not to raise his finger while I am batting,” 

He added:

“And he did exactly that. We were playing against Australia in Mohali in 2008 – the same match where VVS Laxman got us over the line. Mitchell Johnson bowled a short-pitch delivery and I attempted a cut shot but ended up edging it. So thick was the edge that it was heard even inside the dressing room but Rauf gave me not out”

Further, Sehwag also revealed how he tried to trick Ricky Ponting after he tried to appeal for his wicket. He revealed:

“Ricky Ponting was so angry that he went to the umpire and argued how he could give it not out. The umpire told him that there was no edge. Ponting then rushed to me and asked ‘Did you nick it?’ I said ‘Yes’. He then went back to Asad Rauf and told him ‘even Viru is saying he nicked it’. Then they both came up to me and Rauf asked me ‘Did you nick it?’ to which I said ‘No’.”

He added:

“Ponting then started arguing with me ‘you just said you nicked it’. Then I told him “Mr Ponting you never walked and you’re expecting somebody else to walk. I told him that the umpire has a job to do, let him do his job and you do yours and I’ll do mine,”

While Sehwag might argue that he didn’t know that the umpire would take his joke seriously and actually rule in his favor but both of them got lucky that they got away without any punishment from the ICC.

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