Here’s Why An 18-Year Old Letter From Virat Kohli’s School Has Gone Viral

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Virat Kohli is one of the biggest athletes in the world. The Indian skipper has led the country to many glories on the back of his superlative batting performances. Hailed as the modern legends of the game, Kohli has been a changing force when it comes to cricket. He has gained a huge fan following, not just in his home country, but also all over the world, for the way he works hard to get his team to the top.

Virat Kohli is a fan favorite and we often see old childhood pictures of the star cricketer surfacing on social media platforms. Lately, an 18-year-old letter from Kohli’s alma mater has been going viral on the internet, which mentions the stylish batsman being picked as the captain of his school team.

Here’s Why An 18-Year Old Letter From Virat Kohli’s School Has Gone Viral

In the letter, the school informed that three students including Virat Kohli have been selected for Delhi’s U-15 team and Kohli is named as the captain of the team as well. As per the reports, Kohli was a class 10 student and was made the captain of the U-15 cricket team of his school.

For the unversed, Virat moved to Saviour Convent school in Paschim Vihar, when he was in the ninth standard only for better opportunities in cricket and the same proved beneficial for him as he led Delhi’s U-15 team in the 2002–03 Polly Umrigar Trophy and went on to score 172 runs at an average of 34.40 as well.

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The Indian skipper, from there on, went on to lead India in the U-19 World Cup and won the cup in 2008. Since then, there has been no turning back for the cricketer as he made his debut for the Indian side soon.