Here’s Why Rahul Dravid Gave Rs 35,000 To Groundsmen In Kanpur

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India’s Head Coach Rahul Dravid once again proved why he is different from the rest, after the conclusion of the first Test match between India and New Zealand. The match resulted in a draw after New Zealand’s last pair survived 8.4 overs and saved the game for their nation.

Here’s Why Rahul Dravid Gave Rs 35,000 To Groundsmen In Kanpur
Groundsmen prepared a sporting pitch in Kanpur. Image source: Disney+ Hotstar

While many Indian cricket fans were unhappy with the result and argued that India should have won the match from that position, Team India’s head coach Rahul Dravid made a heart-winning gesture at the Green Park in Kanpur.

Rahul Dravid appreciated the good work done by the groundsmen at the Green Park and praised them for preparing a sporting pitch for the first Test of the two-match Test series. In fact, Rahul Dravid went a step further and gave Rs 35,000 to the groundsmen team and motivated them to keep preparing such sporting wickets.

It was a very even wicket in Kanpur as there was something for everyone. From batters, to spinners, top fast bowlers; the wicket at Green Park kept every player in the game and produced a Test match that will be remembered for its thrilling and nail-bitting finish.

The news of Rahul Dravid giving Rs 35,000 personally to groundsmen was confirmed by the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA).

Here’s Why Rahul Dravid Gave Rs 35,000 To Groundsmen In Kanpur

“We would like to make an official announcement. Mr Rahul Dravid has paid Rs 35,000 personally to our groundsmen,” the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) announced in the press box after the game.

This gesture by Rahul Dravid has once again earned him the love and respect of the fans and it has already become a trending topic of discussion on social networking websites. It is also noteworthy that more groundsmen in India would be motivated to prepare sporting wickets for Test matches. But does this mean that we will not see those rank turners that give a lot of home advantage to Team India? We will have to wait and watch.

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