Here’s Why Virat Kohli Is A More Valuable Batsman Than Rohit Sharma In The IPL

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Following the recent loss by 8 wickets in the World Test Championship final, there have been innumerable questions raised on the leadership credentials of the Indian skipper Virat Kohli. While some feel Kohli is not capable of leading the team to an ICC win, on the other hand, many felt that Rohit Sharma is a better skipper.

For the unversed, Rohit Sharma is the most successful skippers in the history of the Indian Premier League, having won the trophy 5 times. On the other hand, Virat Kohli is yet to get his hands on the prestigious IPL trophy.

And for the same reasons, several fans ever came up with the IPL records of both the cricketers and demanded split-captaincy, with Rohit as the skipper of the limited format and Virat as the skipper of the Test format.

Recently, Wisden India took to their social media and shared a tweet comparing the runs scored by both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in the first 3 IPL seasons and the last 3 IPL seasons they played for their respective teams.

In their tweet, Wisden India wrote that while Rohit scored 1170 runs, including 8 half-centuries at an average of 30.8 and with a strike rate of 131.4, on other hand, Virat scored 1128 runs, including 2 half-centuries playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore at an average of 21.7 and with a strike rate of 122.1.

Wisden India also compared the runs scored by the two cricketers in the last 3 IPL seasons. While Rohit scored 987 runs at an average of 29.9 and strike rate of 128,1, hitting 6 half-centuries. On the other hand, Virat scored 1128 runs at an average of  36.4 and strike rate of 128.9, scoring one century and 6 half-centuries. Wisden India wrote:

In the first 3 IPL seasons ?

Rohit: 1170 runs @ 30.8, SR: 131.4, 50s: 8
Kohli: 718 runs @ 21.7, SR: 122.1, 50s: 2

In the last 3 IPL seasons ?

Rohit: 987 runs @ 29.9, SR: 128,1, 50s: 6
Kohli: 1128 runs @ 36.4, SR: 128.9, 100s: 1, 50s: 6″

Here, check out the Tweet: