ICC announce verdict on ball-temerping allegation made against Virat Kohli

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Ball-tempering allegations made against India’s Test skipper Virat  Kohli do not hold much ground as per the specific clauses in the ICC’s Rules and Regulations about playing conditions. A footage released by a British tabloid suggested that Virat Kohli, just like Faf du Plessis, used his chewing gum to temper the ball. The report published by the same tabloid claimed that TV cameras indicated Kohli putting his right hand towards his mouth and then appeared to shine one side of the ball.

But as per the laws of ICC, if a team wants to lodge a complaint about ball tampering by a rival team or its player, it has to be done within five days of the completion of the Test match.

According to ICC’s a Level 1 Offence or a Level 2 Offence that is alleged to have been committed at any time or place (whether on the field of play or otherwise), then the report must be lodged with the Match Referee (or, where, for logistical reasons, it is impractical to lodge with the Match Referee, the ICC’s Cricket Operations Department) within five (5) days of the commission of the alleged offence.”