ICC Has Given A New ‘Nickname’ To Virat Kohli

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One player who looks unstoppable at the moment in world cricket is Virat Kohli. The Indian captain has been in fantastic form and has broken plenty of records in his career. He is arguably the best chaser the game has ever seen and the statistics also back him up. He has a fantastic attitude towards the game and his ability to read games is unparalleled.

His high levels of fitness have allowed him to run like a hare between the wickets and this facet has been praised several times by commentators and cricketers alike. Even in the one-off T20I, Virat Kohli came in when the team was in a tight spot and navigated the team’s way forward to ensure we won the game.

Kohli reads the game very well and paces his innings brilliantly. His ability to accelerate as per the requirement of the situation is his biggest strength. Also, Kohli is someone who doesn’t experiment too much and plays orthodox strokes in limited overs cricket, and still manages to score big sixes and boundaries.

New nickname:

Such has been his levels of brilliance while chasing, that the ICC themselves have had to give him his own nickname. They called him the official “Chase Master” and it is a well-deserved moniker for a batsman who has changed the way individuals approach the game.

The Indian captain is the best chaser at the moment and even while winning tosses, he prefers to let the opposition bat first so that he can chase down the score when needed.

Virat Kohli is the lynchpin of the current Indian team and opposition are always bothered when he is at the crease. Once he reaches a score of around 20-30, it is safe to say that getting him out is out of the question.

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