In An Interesting Twist Gautam Gambhir Praised MS Dhoni In An Interview

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The ‘Hitman’ Sharma of the cricket world, Rohit Sharma is one of the best batsmen around the world right now. Over the years, he has completely transformed his game and has emerged out to be the modern legend of this game. After establishing himself as one of the greatest batsmen in the white-ball cricket, he went on to mettle in the longest format of the game as well.
Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir believes Rohit Sharma s among the greatest in limited-overs in the present time and credits MS Dhoni for Rohit’s successful cricket career.

Well, Rohit Sharma made his debut in the year 2007 under the leadership of MS Dhoni, however, it was only after he was promoted as an opener for team India by MS Dhoni. Today, he is one of the greatest ODI players and the only player to have hit 3 ODI double hundreds and five World Cup centuries and Gautam Gambhir feels that it was all because MS Dhoni groomed him in that way.
Talking to Sports Tak, MS Dhoni said:
Where Rohit Sharma is today, it is because of MS Dhoni,
He added:
“You can talk about the selection committee and team management, but if you do not have the backing from your captain than it is all useless. Everything is in the hands of the captain. How MS Dhoni had backed Rohit Sharma over a period of time, I do not think any player has been given such support.”
In An Interesting Twist Gautam Gambhir Praised MS Dhoni In An Interview
Furthermore, Gautam Gambhir said that the young cricketers also need to be groomed in a similar way how MS Dhoni groomed the current players. He said that he expects Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to follow the footsteps of MS Dhoni:
“I hope the young cricketers in the current generation today, be it Shubman Gillm Sanju Samson, they also get similar kind of support. And now when Rohit is a senior, I expect him to give backing to youngsters. Rohit is a prime example of how a player can become a phenomenal cricketer, if he has good backing. One good thing about MS was that he always kept Rohit in the talks, even if was not part of the team, he was always part of the group. He never let him get sidelined.”
He added:
“I expect Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to groom the youngsters in the same way in which MS Dhoni groomed them.”