India vs South Africa ODI Series: What Should We Expect?

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Anyone watching world cricket recently will know that both India and South Africa have had tough test matches to contend with.  Australia’s February tour in South Africa is underway, while India head to New Zealand.  These are some of the biggest names in world test cricket, meaning there are bound to be some exciting displays coming up.

India’s current form is well-established, while South Africa have needed to cope with big changes in their team.  India’s cricket form is, at best, formidable.  However, if there is anything we have learned from world cricket over the past few years, it is that you should never discount South Africa

India vs South Africa ODI Series: What Should We Expect?

March’s Meeting Looms

Following both teams’ Antipodean adventures, India will meet South Africa in a thrilling head-to-head.  As most cricket fans will already know, India is an adaptable force.  South Africa will likely have found Australia to be a challenge; however, it’s a challenge that will help them brush up against the Indian bowling extreme.

What’s more, India will be playing on home turf.  They’ll come back from New Zealand likely feeling refreshed, regardless of the outcome.  Tuesday, March 12th is likely to open up a dramatic series that fans from either side of the globe will want to tune into. 

Who will win, of course, remains to be seen?  Many people will put firms bets on India, particularly as they have proven themselves hugely reliable in international test matches for the past few years.  Many people will be using Sportsadda and cricket to follow the latest changes.

A Foregone Conclusion?

However, that’s not to say March’s meetings will be foregone conclusions.  South Africa’s form is, like any good team, going through a transition.  That doesn’t mean that they will be pushovers.  Far from it!

Any cricket fans who have watched world test matches for a while will know that South Africa can, and will, bounce back.  India is a formidable force, but you only have to look at the odds shortening.  It could be too close to call.

India vs South Africa ODI Series: What Should We Expect?

While many people will focus on India’s tour in New Zealand and Australia’s clashes with South Africa, it seems that there may be more interesting moments to witness in March’s displays. 

Who Do You Fancy?

South Africa is going through something of a regime change.  India is reliable and steady, ready to react.  March’s matches are likely going to be proving grounds for them both.  Of course, at the time of writing, both sides are yet to finish their Antipodean meetings elsewhere.

Therefore, we may have to see how they return from February clashes to get a better idea of what to expect.  Even if you study form thoroughly, you will know that anything is still ripe to happen.  Should we pay attention to what history tells us about either of these sides?

India vs South Africa ODI Series: What Should We Expect?

Let’s wait and watch. In the meantime, what’s your gut telling you?  Once February’s matches are off the slate, these will be the crunches we need to watch.