India Girl Trolled Pakistanis On Virat Kohli’s Tweet

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One of the greatest batsmen in the modern era of the gentlemen’s game, Virat Kohli, is gearing up for the upcoming England Test series. Ahead of the series, Virat has been sweating it out at the England along with the Indian cricket team. He has been enjoying his time with his wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Recently, he took his wife Anushka for a delicious meal in England and the pictures of the outing have been going insanely viral on social media.

Virat also took to his social media and shared some really amazing pictures of himself, which were clicked by Anushka Sharma. In the picture, Virat can be seen looking absolutely dashing in denims.

Here, check out the tweet:

The tweet went viral in no time and was flooded with amazing reactions from the fans to it, who were left awestruck with the power-couple.

However, one of the best comments came from an Indian girl who trolled Pakistani cricket fans singlehandedly. The Indian girl with the username “PoorvikaKumar” took a hilarious dig at Pakistanis who never miss out on any chance of comparing the Indian skipper Virat Kohli to their star batsman Babar Azam.

While Virat is hailed as the undisputed King and is considered as the number one batsmen in the world currently. On the other hand, Babar Azam is one of the most talented batsmen around the world. Every time Babar Azam scores a run (or even breathes) Pakistani cricket fans start comparing him to Virat Kohli. In fact the fans can’t wrap their hands around the fact that Azam isn’t still part of the ‘Fab Four’ of world cricket.

In her tweet, Poorvika expressed that she is surprised to see Pakistanis not comparing Virat and Babar in the comment section of the tweet. She wrote:

“surprised i don’t see “babar is better than you” here. the world is healing.”

Here, check out the Tweet: