India vs Australia 2017: Australian Journalist Grilled Virat Kohli On DRS-Gate

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India vs Australia 2017: India’s captain was furious after the second Test and he made some serious allegations against Steve Smith and other Australian of “crossing the line” and doing something which can be called cheating. Kohli didn’t use the word cheating but he was only hinting towards it in his press conference after the second Test.

However, he looked pretty relaxed on the eve of the third Test in Ranchi. Virat Kohli spoke about variety of issues but the biggest talking point of his presser was his focus on leaving behind the DRS controversy and moving on with the game.

Kohli was asked variety of questions but one of his conversations with an Australian journalist, in which the Aussie scribe asked him 4 questions about the DRS controversy involving Steve Smith was the most interesting one. Read here:

1) Australian journalist: Is it appropriate for international captain to make serious allegations and not provide evidence to substantiate that?

Virat Kohli: What were the allegations?

2) Australian journalist: That Australia weren’t using the DRS the right way, two other occasions…

Virat Kohli: But, what were the allegations called?

3) Australian journalist: Doesn’t matter what the allegation is called…

Virat Kohli: But it does because it has to be called something for me to be questioning something about someone to call it an allegation. If no charges were pressed against me, how are those allegations?

4) Australian journalist: You said two instances when you were batting, Australia used the DRS wrongly. Stand by that?

Virat Kohli: As I said, we need to move on and focus on the game tomorrow (Thursday). We have got two more Test matches to go. There are two sides of the coin. I could be speaking about another (thing) again and things are just not going to move forward. Everyone sitting here has his own interest and chooses to ask what he wants to. But our focus remains on the game and we need to look forward.