Indian Army Major Gave A Fitting Reply To Shahid Afridi And Exposed His Dirty Mindset

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Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistani cricketer has been making a lot of news these days, however, once again with his controversial statements on Kashmir. It was a few days ago, when he insulted the Indian army and PM Modi, following which he received a lot of criticism. Even Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh, who had earlier asked for help from their followers to contribute to Afridi’s organization amidst pandemic, also slammed Afridi for his statements.
Indian Army Major Gave A Fitting Reply To Shahid Afridi And Exposed His Dirty Mindset
However, this didn’t stop him from spreading the venom further. Shahid Afridi has once again made controversial statements by taking a dig at Abhinandan, Shahid Afridi said that the Pakistani army dropped the greetings from the air but India made him a hero. Not just this, Shahid also brought him the issue of Kashmir and accused a serious charge of India of doing politics of religion. He had said:
Pakistan’s army has always spoken positively, what can be a better example than this. We greeted the brothers who came flying in and sent them back with respect. Hindustan also made him a hero there, which we dropped and sent him back. Afridi further said, ‘What more can we do for you people. I mean that India should also take one or two steps forward. You should also work on the basis of that person.”
He added:
If there were Hindu people in Kashmir and there was atrocities on them, I would still talk. It is not about religion, it is about humanity. Pakistan has always given positive signals to India. We have tried to improve relationships. Leaders always talk of connecting relationships and communities. In politics, religion should never be interrupted. Afridi further said, ‘I never talk about the whole of India. I have found a lot of love in India. Got so much respect My countrymen also complain to me that you take the name of India only.”
Indian Army Major Gave A Fitting Reply To Shahid Afridi And Exposed His Dirty Mindset
Meanwhile, social media is flooded with tweets and reactions to the latest statements on Kashmir. Indians are slamming Shahid Afridi over the same. Amidst many, a retired army man named Major Gaurav Arya (Retd), who is very popular on Twitter also voiced his opinion on the same.
In his tweet, he showed the true face of Shahid Afridi by expressing how he used Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh by not talking about the issue of Kashmir before asking help from his Indian friends. However, after he received help, he went back to his older self and started talking about the issue of Kashmir. He wrote:
“Afridi used Harbhajan & Yuvraj Singh to beg for money in the name of mercy, humanity & love (the usual sales pitch used by radical Islamists). Once he got the money, he went back to shouting KASHMIR. Why didn’t he take name of KASHMIR before taking money? Greedy Jihadi”
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Soon Major Gaurav’s tweet went viral and was flooded with reactions from Twitterati, who lauded him from bringing the real face of Shahid Afridi in front of everyone.
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