Indian Army Major Gave Waqar Younis A Fitting Reply After He Tried To School Gautam Gambhir

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The intense rivalry between Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir and Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is known to all. Though, both the cricketers have retired from the game, but their rivalry is still on. Both the cricketers are often seen slamming each other on social media.

Recently, in an interview with “Q20”, a unique chat show presented by ‘GloFans’, the former captain and Pakistan’s current bowling coach Waqar Younis urged both the cricketers to ‘behave’ nicely on social media instead of slamming each other and indulging in banters on social media. He said:

“The banter between Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi has been going on for a while now. I think they both got to be smart, sensible, and calm down. It has been going on for way too long. My advice to them is to maybe catch up somewhere around the world and talk it out if you cannot really calm it down,” 

He added:

“In social media, if you carry on that, people are going to love it and people are enjoying it and that I feel that they both should be sensible and smart. If you go and ask people of both the countries on whether Pakistan and India should play each other, everyone, around 95% of them will agree, that cricket between these two should be played,”

As soon as his statements made its way to social media, netizens reacted with their take on this. A popular twitter user and retired army man Major Gaurav Arya also took to his twitter and slammed Waqar Younis by telling the difference between Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi’s statements.

In his tweet, Major Gaurav Arya explained that whenever a Pakistani citizen who supports terror will speak against India, a patriot like Gautam Gambhir will take stand against it. He wrote:

Whenever a citizen of a terrorist state like Pakistan speaks against India, there will be a @GautamGambhir standing up for his country. There is no social media war. @SAfridiOfficial is a terror supporter. Gautam is a patriot. That’s all.”

Here, check out the tweet: