IPL 2015: Mr. Nags delays RCB’s flight and angers Virat Kohli

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Mr. Nags a.k.a the #RCBInsider is one of the most annoying characters you will ever see. He hangs around with the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) players and has the guts to take on guys like Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle and Mitchell Starc. In this video, Mr. Nags is trying his best to irritate the RCB boys, specially the skipper Virat Kohli, when they are already looking tired waiting for their flight.

WATCH: Mr. Nags delays RCB’S flight and angers Virat Kohli

Mr. Nags is irritating Virat Kohli by apologising for delaying that flight that he hasn’t. But Kohli insults Mr. Nags by saying he doesn’t even want him on the flight. Mr. Nags then goes to Mitchell Starc who also gives a similar kind of a reply. The best part of the video is when Mr. Nags asks RCB’s bowling coach Alan Donald to tell the viewers that whatever he knows about fast bowling has been taught to him by Mr. Nags.