IPL 2015: This Man Tried To Steal Virat Kohli’s Shot. What Happened Next Will Make You Laugh

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Mr. Nags is a weird man and he decided to crash into Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper Virat Kohli’s shoot. He goes around in a very “cool” manner and dares Virat Kohli to act better than him. Mr. Nags also calls Virat Kohli a “small” actor before he was thrown out of the shoot by the director.

While going out, he bumps into Chris Gayle and Dinesh Karthik and tells them that the director of the ad said they needed someone from a small role and do the director has promised to do a movie with him later.

Later, when Virat Kohli comes out and join these three, he tells Gayle and Krthik about how Mr. Nags crashed into his shoot and tried to steal his shot. He also tells the waiter to not give him water.

After a minute of conversation, Kohli, Gayle and Karthik get really fed up and decide to throw him out of the building.