IPL 2020: 4 RCB Batsmen You Should Pick In Your Fantasy XI

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RCB, over the years in the IPL, has always been very strong with their batting, but it’s their bowling which has let them down more often than not.

Even the current RCB squad has got a few heavyweights with the bat. If you are stitching together a fantasy XI for a game involving RCB, here are the 4 batsmen you should think about picking in your XI –

#1 Virat Kohli:

IPL 2020: 4 RCB Batsmen You Should Pick In Your Fantasy XI

Virat Kohli is the all-time highest run scorer in the IPL and not just in IPL, but he is one of the top players in the world in T20 internationals as well.

One of the reasons behind Virat’s consistency is the fact that he plays conventional cricket even in the IPL and still manages to maintain a decent enough strike rate.

The risk factor is not very high in Virat’s game even when he goes for a big shot because he often goes with the straight bat.

Virat’s consistency in IPL over the years, and in T20 cricket in general, makes him a top pick for fantasy cricket.

#2 AB de Villiers:

IPL 2020: 4 RCB Batsmen You Should Pick In Your Fantasy XI

AB de Villiers, even though he doesn’t play international cricket anymore, is still as destructive as anyone in the shortest format of the game.

De Villiers is a bit different from Virat as he doesn’t play conventional cricket all the time, but he is still equally efficient because most of the time he successfully pulls off all those unorthodox shots that he tries.

The former South African captain can also play with a sedate approach if the situation demands. De Villiers is a must in any fantasy XI involving RCB.

#3 Aaron Finch:

IPL 2020: 4 RCB Batsmen You Should Pick In Your Fantasy XI

IPL 2020 will be Aaron’s Finch first IPL season in RCB colors and he is expected to be going to play a very important role for RCB in the upcoming season.

Finch is the kind of batsman who can go after the bowling from ball one, but he is not a slogger. He can play lofted drives over mid-off and extra-cover and he can play the cut shot through point.

The Australian white ball captain is also good enough to play the pull shot if the ball is banged in short and then he can take on the spinners as well in the middle overs.

Finch’s range as a batsman makes him a very dangerous player at the top of the order.

#4 Parthiv Patel:

IPL 2020: 4 RCB Batsmen You Should Pick In Your Fantasy XI

Parthiv Patel doesn’t feature among the best T20 players around the world, but the reason why he can be a good pick in the fantasy XI is because he is an opener and he is very effective in taking advantage of the powerplay overs.

Parthiv slows down in the middle phase of the innings, but when the field is up, he can clear the infield on a consistent basis.

The left-handed wicketkeeper batsman scored 373 runs in the last season of the IPL and was RCB’s third highest run scorer after Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers.