A Source Close To The BCCI Has Shared A Big Update On IPL 2020

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The Board of Control for India is under a lot of pressure to take a concrete call on the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) after the Coronavirus outbreak. Ideally, the tournament should be canceled considering the way the Coronavirus is spreading across the world and taking lives.

There are no two ways that the Board must come out in open and make a public announcement to end all speculation around the IPL 2020. Earlier, the BCCI took the right decision to call off the series against South Africa. Also, in the initial days of Coronavirus, the BCCI also took the decision to postpone IPL 2020 to April 15th.

But, considering the present situation, it is 100% clear that the BCCI will have to cancel the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. The honorable President of the BCCI Mr. Sourav Ganguly had, earlier, talked about shortening the tournament but he hasn’t given any concrete statement on it. There were also rumours of a possible rescheduling of the tournament in the month of August and September, but considering the international calendar, it is highly unlikely.

As per the latest media reports, a source close to the BCCI has revealed that the board is not even thinking about the IPL now.

“The stakeholders will be informally apprised after the conference call with the franchisees tomorrow (Tuesday) even if a formal announcement is not made soon,” a source close to the BCCI said.

“They (the BCCI) officials are not even thinking about the IPL now. It will be insensitive to even think about the league in this situation when the Coronavirus infection and death toll is rising by the minute. The situation will become more clear after the board members discuss among themselves during the day and inform us.”

“A scenario without the IPL will be the only item on agenda now. No one is going to talk about the possibility of the league now. The entire world is coming to a standstill”, the source revealed.