7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

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IPL 2020: Indian fans have always loved to emulate the styles of their favourite athletes, spanning from football to cricket. They have not just left an indelible mark with an excellent brand of cricket but their demeanour and looks have also driven their loyalists crazy.

From Beckham to McCullum, fans have always appreciated the fact that these athletes love to show their personality with the elegance and fashion sense that they sport. Keeping in mind the approaching IPL, we will love to take a look at five IPL style icons:

Chris Gayle: Universe Boss

7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

When the Universe boss walks out to bat, that bandana flying high with his dreadlocks peeking, it feels as if a God is walking out to the battlefield, brandishing his blade high and shiny. Once he gets going, he rains hellfire upon those hapless bowlers.

He loves to wear shades, especially the ones with colourful flames, underlining his exuberant personality. He also loves printed t-shirts that have gigantic prints etched on them. His blazers are always exhibiting an extraterrestrial shine and most importantly it has a metallic tint to it. His inclination towards black drives him to don on those shiny black dresses, in which he comes out in flying colours. To cap it all off for the West Indian Titan, Indians loved his look in the traditional.

Virat Kohli: The dashing dude of IPL 2020

7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

From a humble casual beginning that saw him donning on graphic tees to and denim jeans with a stud in his left ear, Kohli has come a long way that has not just seen him becoming the number one in cricket but also claiming the throne for himself.

His change in style statement started when he started donning on those polo tees and changed his hairstyle to the one with quite a good amount of lushness on the top and well-trimmed in the sides. After hogging the limelight with a phenomenal hairstyle, his beardo has now won over his loyalists as several youngsters in the country are trying hard to emulate their icon.

Hardik Pandya: The coolest hunk of IPL 2020

7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

Hardik Pandya has been the torch-bearer of India’s style statement in recent days with some out of the world fashion. Spanning from photoshoots to the cricket field, Pandya has always taken fashion very seriously. He was seen exhibiting his ripped physique in a magazine cover.

One of the major catalysts for his style statement is an inclination towards the workouts. He ensures that he is working out with utmost dedication which helps him to attain the perfect physique that he would hope for. Pandya’s tattoos are also a major knock-out.

Ravindra Jadeja: As cool as it can get

7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

From brandishing a sword celebration after reaching his century to posing for a royal photoshoot, Ravindra Jadeja has achieved it all in fashion. The unique hairstyles and nicely trimmed stubble of Jadeja hogged the limelight of every single fashion mag that saw him claiming the cover page.

To top it all, bring on his cool tattoos and he will be absolutely a rockstar in the making, just that instead of the mic in hand, he will have his bat.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The Coolest Veteran

Needless to say, the captain of India has bundled up several glories on the field. However, the one that riveted all the attention was his unorthodox hairstyles. From straight long hair to Mohawks, Mahi has shown it to the world that what a spectacular style icon he has been.

He is an extremely humble cricketer without exhibiting any knack for those ramp walks. The contrast that the Indian captain has showcased over the years between his flamboyant hairdos and a humble persona is the biggest symbol of his magnificent style.

KL Rahul: The hottest hunk 

7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

KL Rahul is one of the most exciting batsmen in the world and he will lead Kings XI Punjab of IPL 2020. Rahul is one of the pre-season contenders for the Orange cap and KXIP would be hoping that he would lead from the front with his bat.

KL Rahul is also one of the most good looking cricketers in the world and his style quotient will be up there in IPL 2020, as always.

Andre Russell: The most muscular hunk of IPL 2020

7 Most Stylish And Dashing Cricketers In IPL 2020

Andre Russell is, arguably, the hardest hitter of the cricket ball in the world. In IPL 2020, all eyes will be on him as he will be KKR’s main man with the bat and fans would be hoping that he will entertain them with huge sixes.

Russell is also a very stylish man and we are sure that he will come up with something totally out of the box to increase his style quotient.

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