IPL 2022: Here’s How Sachin Tendulkar Can Help Virat Kohli

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Sachin Tendulkar has been one of the finest batters the nation has eve​​r seen and the lopsided domination that he has had over the bowlers of the world has been absolutely mind-bending.

From Shane Warne to Shoaib Akhtar, they have their fair shares of rivalries with the diminutive magician. Undaunted by the towering storms that these bowling juggernauts would brew, Sachin would step forth with own brand of vengeance, ripping them apart into shreds.

IPL 2022: Here’s How Sachin Tendulkar Can Help Virat Kohli

However, does that mean Sachin’s career has comprised only ups and never had he seen the rock-bottom? It cannot be. At least for every human, there will definitely be a fall and that fall is what makes the following rise special.

From a career-threatening injury to an abysmal outing Down Under, Sachin Tendulkar has braved several challenges and risen from his own ashes time and time again.

Similarly, Virat Kohli has been one of the finest that the world has seen and yet the last three years has seen him sliding faster than ever. But does that mean it is the end for Virat?

It cannot be. It is the fall that comes before the rise. And the best man that Virat can actually seek advice for himself is none other than the little Master himself.

Virat Kohli himself is still to figure out what exactly has been going on. He is barely able to get those starts and even when he gets them, he is unable to flip them into big ones. Either he is nicking something outside the off-stump or he is ending up getting beaten for pace.

Clearly, his work rate in the practice sessions has been right at the top. Then what exactly is bothering Virat Kohli? The issue from afar seems much more mental than physical.

IPL 2022: Here’s How Sachin Tendulkar Can Help Virat Kohli
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It feels as if the run-machine is hesitant to believe in himself. This is where Sachin can actually help him understand the finesse of being the great Sachin Tendulkar himself was in the 22 yards.

Sachin Tendulkar can tell him what would he need to do to surpass the unfriendly yard that he has treaded too and came out absolutely unscathed. There are things beyond the human understanding that only Gods understand and if we talk about Gods, who better than the God of the past, Sachin Tendulkar have a word or two with God of the present, Virat Kohli.