Irfan Pathan Gave A Hard-Hitting Reply To A Fan Blaming MS Dhoni

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Irfan Pathan didn’t prosper as an international cricketer for as long
It is still quite an astonishing fact that Irfan Pathan didn’t prosper as an international cricketer for as long as fans had thought after he’d made his debut in 2003 as a 19-year-old.

With his talent, skillset and dearth of seam-bowling all-rounders in India, Pathan was soon elevated to being hailed as the next successor of Kapil Dev. Pathan had a glorious start to his career with a Test match win in Adelaide, a Test hat-trick in Pakistan and followed it up with a T20 World Cup 2007 triumph.

Irfan Played His Last Match For India In 2012
His successes with India brought him lucrative IPL deals for years.

However, it all came crashing down and Pathan played his last match for India in 2012, aged only 28. He was part of the squad that won the 2013 Champions Trophy, but didn’t get to play a single match in the tournament and was dropped from the team after that.

A Fan Blamed MS Dhoni For Ending Pathan’s Career
The fan had taken to Twitter to laud Pathan’s recent form in the LLC while he also criticized the former India skipper. The fan wrote:

“Every time i see Irfan Pathan in these leagues, i curse MS & his management even more…I can’t believe, he played last white ball game at the age of just 29…Perfect no. 7, any team would die for..But India played Jaddu, even Binny #LegendsLeagueCricket,”

Irfan Pathan Gave A Hard-Hitting Reply
Irfan took notice of this tweet and the hate toward MS Dhoni, and he came up with a gem of a reply.

“Don’t blame any one. Thank you for love,” Pathan replied.